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Meet the Student Services team

October 19, 2023 0:01:45
Kaltura Video

Meet the Ford School's Student Services team, what our roles are, and how we can help you!


0:00:03.5 Dustin Castro: Hi, I'm Dustin Castro, Assistant Director of Recruiting and Admissions here at the Ford School of Public Policy.

0:00:09.2 Logan Corey: Hi, I'm Logan Corey, Senior Recruiting Coordinator here at the Ford School of Public Policy.

0:00:14.0 Zach Marentay: Hi, I'm Zach Marentay, Admissions Officer here at the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.

0:00:20.1 DC: Welcome to Weill Hall, the heart of the Ford School experience. In my position, I help oversee admissions and recruitment for both masters and undergraduate programs here at the Ford School. And as an admissions team, our goal is to help you succeed in every step of your journey. From the application process to answering any question you may have, we're here for you.

0:00:39.1 LC: You're joining me here in the Reading Room, one of my favorite places here in Weill Hall. I often connect with prospective students. And as a Michigan alum, I know navigating the university can be exciting and also a little overwhelming, come find me with any questions about joining the community of incredible Ford School scholars.

0:00:55.4 ZM: We're currently in a common student study space here in our home, Weill Hall. In my role, I handle all application materials and our application review and processing efforts, so if you have questions about any portion of the application, I'd be happy to help guide you through the admissions process.

0:01:11.0 LC: Please reach out to our team if you ever have any questions.

0:01:14.3 DC: We look forward to receiving your application and connecting with you throughout the recruitment season.

0:01:19.0 ZM: And from all of us here at the Ford School, Go Blue.