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Thank you!

Nov 24, 2018 0:05:40

We wish to thank everyone who supported the Victors for Michigan campaign. This video is a vignette of the results of your support.

Bill Kristol and Neera Tanden: In conversation

Sep 30, 2018 1:23:00

Bill Kristol and Neera Tanden talk differences along party lines and about the current state of the political environment; moderated by Ford School Dean Michael S. Barr. September, 2018.

Jessica Rosenworcel: Network Neutrality

Sep 17, 2018 1:15:00

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel talks about Net Neutrality and technology policy moderated by U-M General Counsel Jack Bernard. September, 2018.

Megan Nestor: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 26, 2018 0:03:33

Megan Nestor (MPP '19 Ford Fellow) talks about how her internship at the Detroit Mayor's Office gave her life–changing impact in expanding the city's Pre–K programs.

Award Ceremony: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 26, 2018 0:01:35

Associate Dean for Research and Policy Engagement Elisabeth Gerber announces our two first place winners: Megan Nestor (MPP '19 Ford Fellow) and Emily Fletcher (MPP/MBA '20).

Hira Mumtaz: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 26, 2018 0:03:52

Hira Mumtaz (MPP '19 Fulbright Scholar) talks about her use of economic analysis to help stakeholders at World Bank and how global policymakers can fight energy challenges.

Policy Pitch Competition - Full

Sep 26, 2018 0:52:04

Master's students completing summer internship experiences deliver pitches highlighting their internship organization, policy interest areas, and policy impact.

Anthony Fowlkes: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 26, 2018 0:03:28

Anthony Fowlkes (MPP/MA '19) talks about his experience as a first–generation student of color and his internship at the Center for Minority Serving Institutions in Philadelphia.

Jonathan Poser: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 26, 2018 0:04:29

Jonathan Poser (MPP/REES '18) talks about his internship in Bulgaria working with minority communities and how he works to fight systemic corruption and social inequity.

Leah Squires: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 26, 2018 0:04:05

Leah Squires (MPP/MENAS '20) talks about how her love for international authors and fiction books sparked her studies in international policy, culminating in an internship with Direct Relief.

Anna Zinkel: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 26, 2018 0:03:22

Anna Zinkel (MPP '19 Bohnett Fellow) talks about creating sustainable career pathways for Detroiters in her internship with the Workforce Development Office.

Emily Fletcher: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 26, 2018 0:04:13

Emily Fletcher (MPP/MBA '20) talks about finding her niche in healthcare and how her internship at Civic Consulting Alliance gave her powerful local impact.