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Michigan Public Policy Survey results featured by AP and Michigan Bureau of Elections

November 14, 2017

Results from the spring edition of the Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS) were highlighted by the Michigan Secretary of State’s Bureau of Elections in their November 9 newsletter, which is sent to election officials across the state.

The latest MPPS asked local officials about their experiences administering elections. Responses showed that while 91 percent of officials are “very confident” that their jurisdictions can administer elections accurately, over one-quarter reported problems recruiting skilled poll workers (29 percent) and recruiting enough poll workers regardless of skill level (27 percent). In addition, officials in Michigan’s largest jurisdictions were significantly more likely to report having election-related problems recently.

The Michigan Public Policy Survey also asked officials about their support for various election reforms, including no-excuse absentee voting, synchronizing voter lists with other states, stricter regulation of voter registration drives, stricter voter ID requirements, same-day voter registration, county governments taking over election administration, and on-site early voting. 

For more information about the survey's results, see the Michigan News press release.

The results from the most survey were also picked up by the Associated Press, and appeared in dozens of news outlets across the state and nation.