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Conversations Across Differences

Dean's Symposium - The State of Democracy around the World

Apr 12, 2024, 1:00 pm EDT
Betty Ford Classroom (1110)
Democracy around the world is both robust -- two billion people will be able to cast a ballot in 2924 -- and fragile, as threats to the voting process, to the structures of democratic society, and to the voters themselves afflict many nations. 
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Program in Practical Policy Projects

Strategic Planning Around a Beloved Asset

September 2018 - December 2018
The University of Michigan Alumni Association’s Camp Michigania started a master / strategic planning process. Students conducted research and benchmarking with other alumni family camps and similar programs and facilities. Students undertook the following, including but not limited to: information gathering including internet research, phone interviews, focus groups, site visits, data analytics and demographic analysis. Recommendations and background research were shared with Master Planning...

Email forwarding and technology services

Alumni who prefer not to use U-M Google for their email can still retain the use of their address. U-M offers email forwarding for alumni at no charge. Additionally, alumni have access to Google services (i.e. Drive) and the technology...

Alumni Association

Stay connected to resources, events, career services, and more through the Alumni Association of the University of...