Academic Consortium on International Trade

July 2000

This group is no longer active.
This page and its links are no longer kept up to date.

ACIT is a group of academic economists and lawyers who are specialized in international trade policy and international economic law. ACIT's purpose is to prepare and circulate policy statements and papers that deal with important, current issues of international trade policy. Writings by members of our group can be found through the following link:

ACIT Views

On this page we also post other items that may be of interest regarding international trade policy, including both other writings and other sites that provide information and opinions for and against "free trade."*

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Pro-Free-Trade Views
Neutral Views
Anti-Free-Trade Views
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Pro-Free-Trade Sites
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Cancun Meeting / Doha Round
Labor Standards
Meltzer Commission
Studies of Trade


*These include writings by scholars and other commentators that we think contribute usefully to debate on trade issues. But we also include other items, with which we may strongly disagree but that lay out views that need to be addressed. We also include links to a variety of other official and unofficial sites and documents regarding trade, for ease of access by ourselves and others. At the admitted risk of further polarizing the debate, we attempt to categorize these links in terms of their "pro" and "anti" free-trade orientation, which we take as shorthand for their attitudes toward a variety of aspects of international economic integration. We realize that many of these writers have nuanced views and would object to being pigeonholed in this way, but for ease of navigating this mass of material we think that this classification is useful nonetheless. (For several months here, we used the labels "pro-trade" and "anti-trade." In spite of our disclaimer, we received objections to the label "anti-trade" from some who felt that this mistakenly characterized their own views. The current terms, "pro-free-trade" and "anti-free-trade," are surely no less simplistic, but perhaps they distort the actual views on the two sides more equally.)

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