Economics 841 - Research Seminar in International Economics

Schedule - Fall 1998

Economics 841: Research Seminar in International Economics
Schedule - Fall 1998

Date Speaker From Topic
Sep. 14 Michael K. Gavin
Development Bank
"Should International Lender of Last Resort Lending Be Privatized?"
Sep. 21 Don Davis and
David Weinstein
Harvard and
U of M resp.
"An Account of Global Factor Trade"
Sep. 28 Chan H. Song U of M "Examining a Link between Trade and Competition Policies"
Oct. 5 Gordon Hanson U of M "Market Potential, Increasing Returns, and Geographic Concentration"
Oct. 12 Wolfgang Keller U of Texas "Bilateral Trade in a Multilateral World with Imperfect Specialization"
Oct. 19 Carol McAusland U of M "The Rich, the Green and the Average: Trade and Pollution Policy when Domestic Income Distribution Matters"
Oct. 26 Ufuk Demiroglu U of M "Large Foreign Markets and Export Led Growth"
Nov. 2 Jess Gaspar Chicago "Regional Trade and Migration under Perfect Foresight" (Adobe version incomplete)
Nov. 9 Mark Melitz U of M "Optimal Trade Policies for Infant Industry Protection"
Nov. 16 Heng Chee Chan
Singapore "Singapore's Response to the Asian Financial Crisis"
Nov. 18
Sergio Rebelo
(joint with Macro)
Northwestern "Resuscitating Real Business Cycles"
Nov. 23 John Ries UBC and U of M "New Trade Vs. Neoclassical Trade: An Empirical Test"
Nov. 30 Diego Puga Toronto "Agglomeration and Economic Development: Import Substitution vs. Trade Liberalisation"
Dec. 7 Pierre Sauve Harvard "Services and the Multilateral Trading System" Background Paper
Dec. 14 Alan Deardorff U of M "Fragmentation Across Cones"

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