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The Ford School DEI Coalition

2020-2021 DEI coalition members

Purpose and membership

To create a school-level coalition of students, faculty and staff with the following primary aims:

  • To have an identified set of people within the Ford School to whom members of the Ford School community can share ideas, feedback and concerns regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • To increase communication between students, faculty and staff in regard to DEI activities, achievements and challenges.

Members (n=10 plus 2 Ex Officio):

DEI coalition members will be considered as representing constituencies, and thus need to be connected to and in contact with the groups they represent around DEI issues.

  • DEI Officer Chair
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Ex Officio
  • Director of Student Services Ex Officio
  • Two faculty members Appointed by Dean
  • Two staff members Appointed
  • Two undergraduate students Elected
  • Two master degree students Elected
  • One doctoral student Elected


The Ford School of Public Policy DEI coalition will:

  • Meet 3 times a semester, with agendas that are set by the Coalition chair, with input from members.
  • Review Ford School planned activities in the DEI strategic plan at the beginning of each year.
  • Identify issues and propose new activities, initiatives and organizational changes for the Ford School DEI strategic plan, to be implemented by a wide variety of units, committees and stakeholders within the Ford School.
  • Review evaluation metrics and progress towards DEI objectives at least once a year.
  • Report on DEI activities and progress at least two times a year to the Dean, and at least one time a year to the Ford School community.