Economics 841:
Research Seminar in International Economics
Schedule - Fall 1999

Seminar meets weekly, Tuesdays 1:10-2:30 PM except as noted, in the Smith Seminar Room (201) of Lorch Hall. Titles that are highlighted are available on line.
Date Speaker From Topic
Sep. 14 Amy Glass Ohio State "Multinational Firms and Technology Transfer"
Sep. 21 Marc Melitz U of M "The Impact of Trade on Intra-Industry Reallocations and Aggregate Industry Productivity"
Sep. 28 Jaume Ventura MIT Current Accounts in Debtor and Creditor Countries
Oct. 5 John Whalley Western Ontario "Modelling Linked Trade and Environment Negotiations"
(Oct. 12 No seminar)
Oct. 15
Dani Rodrik Harvard "Trade Policy and Economic Growth: A Skeptic's Guide to the Cross-National Evidence"
Patrick Kehoe Minneapolis Fed "Volatile Exchange Rates and the Forward Premium Anomaly: A Segmented Asset Market View"
Oct. 19 Chul Chung U of M "Factor Content of Trade: Nonhomothetic Preferences and 'Missing Trade'"
Oct. 26 Chan H. Song U of M "Entry regulation and Trade Policy: A General Equilibrium Analysis"
(Nov. 2 No seminar)
Nov. 5
Charles Engel Washington "Deviations from the Law of One Price: Sources and Welfare Costs"
Alessandra Casella Columbia "Tradable Deficit Permits: Efficient Implementation of the Stability Pact in the EMU"
Nov. 9 Enrique Mendoza Duke "The Business Cycles of Balance-of-Payments Crises: A Revision of a Mundellian Framework"
Nov. 16 Scott Taylor Wisconsin "Global Warming and Freer Trade: A Trade Theory View of the Kyoto Protocol"
Nov. 23 Lutz Kilian U of M "Quantifying the Half-Life of Deviations from PPP: The Role of Economic Priors"
Nov. 30 Alwyn Young Chicago "Transport, Processing and Information: Value Added and the Circuitous Movement of Goods."
Dec. 7 Alan Deardorff U of M "Patterns of Trade and Growth Across Cones"
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