Economics 841-842
Research Seminar in International Economics
Schedule - Fall 2005

Seminar meets weekly, on Thursdays 11:40 AM - 1:00 PM except as noted, in the Smith Seminar Room (201) of Lorch Hall. Titles that are highlighted are available on line.
Date Speaker From Topic
Sep 8, 2005 Jim Hines U of M "Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Economic Activity"
Sep 15, 2005 Raymond Robertson Macalester "Is Mexico a Lumpy Country?"
Sep 22, 2005 Wilfred Ethier Pennsylvania "The Theory of Trade Policy and Trade Agreements: A Critique"
Sep 30, 2005
Friday, 10:10 AM
(with Ap. Mic. & Envir.)
Scott Taylor Calgary *** SEMINAR CANCELLED ***
Oct 7, 2005
Friday, 10:10 AM
(with Applied Micro)
Gene Grossman Princeton "A Protectionist Bias in Majoritarian Politics"
Oct 13, 2005
(with EDTS)
Eric Verhoogen Columbia "Quality Upgrading and Establishment Wage Policies: Evidence from Mexican Employer-Employee Data"
Oct 20, 2005 Drew Brown and Bob Stern U of M "Concepts of Fairness in the Global Trading System"
Oct 21, 2005
(all day)
Conference: "Perspectives on the WTO Doha Development Agenda Multilateral Trade Negotiations"
Oct 27, 2005
(with EDTS)
Nathan Nunn University of British Columbia TBA
Nov 3, 2005 TBA
Nov 11, 2005
Friday, 10:10 AM
(with Applied Micro)
Rm: D1279
Davidson Hall
Marc Melitz Harvard TBA
Nov 18, 2005
Ross E0530
International Colloqium
9:30 AM Cristina Arellano Minnesota "Dollarization and Financial Integration"
11:30 AM Galina Hale Yale "Are Private Borrowers Hurt by Sovereign Debt Rescheduling?"
Dec 1, 2005 Andrés Rodríguez-Clare Penn State "A Political-Economy Theory of Trade Agreements"
Dec 8, 2005 Ivan Kandilov North Carolina State "How Import Competition Affects Displaced U.S. Workers"
Dec 15, 2005 Isao Kamata U of M TBA
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