Economics 841-842
Research Seminar in International Economics
Schedule - Fall 2007

Seminar meets weekly, this year on Thursdays 11:40 AM - 1:00 PM in the Smith Seminar Room (201) of Lorch Hall, except as noted. Exceptions are indicated for seminars joint with the seminars for Macroeconomics (Macro), Applied Microeconomics (ApMic), Business Economics (BE) in the Business School, and the Economic Development and Transition Seminar (ETDS) of the International Policy Center (IPC) of the Ford School. Titles that are highlighted are available here on line.
Date Day Time Place Jnt/w Speaker From Topic
Sep 6, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Alan Deardorff and Bob Stern U of M "Some Reflections on Nurkse’s 'Patterns of Trade and Development'"
Sep 13, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Kozo Kiyota U of M "Paths of Development in a Neoclassical Growth Model"
Sep 20, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Isao Kamata U of M "Comparative Advantage, Firm Heterogeneity, and Selection of Exporters"
Sep 27, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Arnoud Costinot UCSD "What Goods Do Countries Trade? New Ricardian Predictions"
Oct 4, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Ivan Kandilov NCSU "The Determinants of Service Offshoring: Does Distance Matter?"
Oct 11, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Neviana Petkova U of M "Does Foreign Ownership Lead to Higher Firm Productivity?"
Oct 18, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Honggue Lee U of M "Protection Effects of AD Measures: A Case of the United States during the Period of 1990-1996"
Oct 25, 2007 Thu NOTE:
4-5:30 PM
1230 Weill BE & EDTS Andrew Bernard Dartmouth "Intra-Firm Trade"
Nov 1, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Pol Antràs Harvard "Trade and Capital Flows: A Financial Frictions Perspective"
Nov 8, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch James Rauch UCSD "Gravity and Matching"
Nov 15, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch BE Christian Broda Chicago GSB "Product Creation and Destruction: Evidence and Price Implications"
Nov 30, 2007 NOTE:
10-11:30 AM 201 Lorch ApMic, BE, EDTS Michael Kremer Harvard "Spring Cleaning: Rural Water Impacts, Valuation, and Institutions"
Dec 5, 2007 NOTE:
4-5:30 PM 201 Lorch Macro Vincenzo Quadrini USC "Financial Liberalization and International Business Cycle"
Dec 6, 2007 Thu 11:40 AM NOTE:
5240 Weill
Lucia Tajoli Politecnico
di Milano
and Bocconi
"Does Offshoring Affect the Domestic Labor Market? The Case of Italy"
Dec 12, 2007 NOTE:
4-5:30 PM 201 Lorch Macro Guido Lorenzoni MIT "Persistent Appreciations and Overshooting: A Normative Analysis"
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