Economics 841-842
Research Seminar in International Economics
Schedule - Fall 2009

Seminar meets weekly, this year on Thursdays 11:40 AM - 1:00 PM in the Smith Seminar Room (201) of Lorch Hall, except as noted. Exceptions are indicated for seminars joint with the seminars for Macroeconomics (Macro), Applied Microeconomics (ApMic), Business Economics (BE) in the Business School, and the Economic Development and Transition Seminar (ETDS) of the International Policy Center (IPC) of the Ford School. Titles that are highlighted are available here on line.
Date Day Time Place Jnt/w Speaker From Topic
Sep 10, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Alan Deardorff U of M "A Story of Trade-Induced Industrialization"
Sep 17, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch EDTS Brian Kovak U of M "Regional Labor Market Effects of Trade Policy: Evidence from Brazilian Liberalization"
Sep 24, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Rahul Mukherjee U of M "Country Portfolios with Imperfect Corporate Governance"
Oct 1, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch David Hummels Purdue "Hedging Price Volatility Using Fast Transport"
Oct 2-3, 2009 Fri-Sat 9-5:30 Rackham Amphitheater Festscrift Conference: "Comparative Advantage, Economic Growth, and the Gains from Trade and Globalization"
Oct 8, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Lucia Tajoli Politecnico di Milano & Bocconi "The World Trade Network"
Oct 15, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Enrique Mendoza Maryland "Financial Globalization, Financial Crises and Contagion"
Oct 16-17, 2009 Fri-Sat 8:30-5:30 0770 Wyly Hall,
Ross School
Conference: "Quantitative Analysis of Newly Evolving Patterns of Japanese and U.S. International Trade: Fragmentation; Offshoring of Activities; and Vertical Intra-Industry Trade"
Oct 22, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Jing Zhang U of M "Structural Transformation in an Open Economy"
Oct 30, 2009 NOTE:
10:10 AM 201 Lorch ApMic George Alessandria Philadelphia Fed "Inventories, Lumpy Trade, and Large Devaluations"
Nov 5, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Thomas Chaney Chicago "Technological Mismatch: A Model of International Trade in Goods and Ideas"
Nov 12, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Raoul Minetti MSU, visiting UM "Foreign Lenders in Emerging Economies"
Nov 19, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch EDTS Dietrich Vollrath Houston "The Agricultural Basis of Comparative Development"
Dec 3, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Ina Simonovska UC-Davis "Income Differences and Prices of Tradables"
Dec 10, 2009 Thu 11:40 AM 201 Lorch Keyu Jin LSE "Industrial Structure and Financial Capital Flows"
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