Ford School community taking on COVID-19

Whether it is ensuring our most vulnerable residents have their basic needs met, assessing the damage to our economy, gathering insights about health preparedness and responses on the ground from Michigan to Mozambique, addressing national security concerns, or providing critical information to residents and small businesses so they can stay afloat, our community is pulling together to find solutions during the global pandemic.

Podcasts, Appearances & Videos

How COVID-19 is impacting Detroit Residents

When COVID-19 began spreading across Detroit, the Detroit Metro Area Communities Study (DMACS) project leads adjusted the strategy to begin studying the impact of the pandemic on Detroit residents. In this episode of Michigan Minds, Jeffrey Morenoff, Director of the Institute for Social Research Population Studies Center, explains the goals of DMACS and shares recent findings from the surveys on how Detroiters are experiencing the pandemic. 

Local Government Fiscal Health During COVID-19

Thomas Ivacko and Stephanie Leiser discuss the Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP)‘s efforts to help local governments prepare for the anticipated fiscal challenges.

“Our goal is to assist local governments to be as prepared as possible for the coming fiscal challenges,” says Ivacko.

Poverty Solutions launches stimulus check website

Luke Shaefer, director of Poverty Solutions and the Hermann and Amalie Kohn Professor of Social Justice and Social Policy at the Ford School, shares the Poverty Solutions' new website designed to make sure Michiganders receive their stimulus payments.

COVID Knowledge, Technology, and Politics: Dispatches from Around the World

Ford School professor Shobita Parthasarathy and co-host Jack Stilgoe talk to five experts in science, technology, policy, and society about their perspectives and experiences with COVID-19 around the world. Interviews include Monamie Bhadra (Singapore), Silvio Funtowicz (Italy), Roger Pielke (US), Poonam Pandey (India), and Michael Veale (UK).

The Received Wisdom Podcast

Finovate Podcast: Fintech in Extraordinary Times with the Experts

Towsley Foundation Policymaker in Residence Adrienne Harris speaks on COVID-19, a Recession, and the Fintech Ecosystem with host Greg Palmer.

The role of financial technology during COVID-19

In this episode of Michigan Minds, Adrienne Harris, a Towsley Foundation Policymaker in Residence at the Ford School of Public Policy and a Gates Foundation Senior Research Fellow with the U-M Center on Finance, Law, and Policy, explains how financial services touch every part of the economy and how fintech plays a role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There have been numerous discussions around policymaking and financial technology to try to help people weather the economic storm we find ourselves in, and which I imagine will persist for quite some time,” Harris says.



COVID-19 News

Link to:Shortage of coins affects lower-income consumers - Harris
Jul 30, 2020
An article in the Los Angeles Times on July 30, states that “the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a coin shortage, and it’s[...]
Link to:Combating poverty and inequality amidst a pandemic
Jul 19, 2020
Ford School Dean Michael S. Barr, Associate Dean and Poverty Solutions Director Luke Shaefer and Alford A. Young Jr.,[...]
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Jul 17, 2020
Michigan local government officials’ attitudes about the direction of the state, and the performances of the governor[...]
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Jul 10, 2020
The COVID-19 crisis is affecting an unprecedented number of people at the same time. As the pandemic evolved in April[...]
Link to:COVID-19 survey work builds on U-M researcher's projects in Mozambique
Jul 09, 2020
In more than a decade of work on diverse projects in the African nation of Mozambique, University of Michigan[...]
Link to:U-M awards grants to address poverty, impact of COVID-19 across Midwest
Jul 09, 2020
The Midwest Mobility from Poverty Network, led by Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan, awarded six grants[...]
Link to:Unemployment remains steadily high in Detroit
Jun 30, 2020
As everyday activities in Detroit begin to resume, four out of 10 working Detroiters remain temporarily or permanently[...]
Link to: Ford School’s Paula Lantz leads amicus brief that states 3,500 COVID-19 deaths prevented by Whitmer’s actions
Jun 25, 2020
A distinguished group of Michigan public health experts has filed in several courts an Amicus Curiae brief defending[...]
Link to:CLOSUP finds Michigan local government leaders report widespread crisis-level impacts from COVID-19 pandemic
Jun 24, 2020
Leaders across Michigan have reported problems supporting their communities in the first months of the COVID-19[...]
Link to:Lantz discusses COVID-19 health inequity
Jun 19, 2020
Paula Lantz, associate dean of the Ford School and James B. Hudak Professor of Health Policy, and Michael S. Barr, dean[...]
Link to:“Trust in public health is essential amid COVID-19 pandemic” write Udow-Phillips and Lantz in Journal of Hospital Medicine
Jun 19, 2020
“Trust in public health is essential amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” write Marianne Udow-Phillips and Paula Lantz in a new[...]
Link to:Ford School alum partners with Hong Kong government to monitor quarantine compliance while protecting citizen privacy
Jun 18, 2020
During the COVID-19 quarantine, Hong Kong mandated that all local residents and foreigners remain in designated zones[...]
Link to:Stevenson and Wolfers explain COVID-19 economic and financial turmoil
Jun 12, 2020
Last week’s surprising employment report, stock market recovery and loss, a statement from the Fed chair and a search[...]
Link to:To promote voting safely during COVID, Ford School lecturer and former GOP Congressman Joe Schwarz teams up with Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson
Jun 12, 2020
Access to the ballot is an increasingly fraught issue, with President Trump warning of massive fraud in absentee voting[...]
Link to:Burgard says calculating benefits of a lockdown is “ethically complex.”
Jun 12, 2020
An article written by Agence France Press June 12 and distributed to publications around the world states that “[...]
Link to:Ford School’s Alex Ralph reports on mental health court during a pandemic
Jun 12, 2020
Alex Ralph , lecturer at the Ford School, reports for the Cincinnati Enquirer about the Hamilton County Felony Mental[...]
Link to:Meghan Rowley (BA ‘18) assists Latin American governments in removing technological barriers, fighting corruption during COVID-19
Jun 08, 2020
In many countries, longstanding government practices came to a halt amid COVID-19 restrictions. Ford School alum Meghan[...]
Link to:Reducing coronavirus pandemic inequities requires bold policy action, Associate Dean Lantz stresses in new paper
Jun 04, 2020
“The novel coronavirus pandemic has set in high relief the entrenched health, social, racial, political, and economic[...]
Link to:Stevenson says “pandemic could scar a generation of working mothers”
Jun 03, 2020
An article in The New York Times June 3, noted that as the pandemic upends work and home life, women have carried an[...]
Link to:Wolfers says coronavirus-led economic recession reveals gaps in U.S. safety net
Jun 01, 2020
Against the backdrop of the severe U.S. economic downturn caused by the coronavirus, Ford School economics professor[...]