The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of MichiganThe Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan

Joan and Sanford Weill Hall

Joan and Sanford Weill Hall, located at the southern gateway to central campus, houses all of the Ford School's courses and faculty and the majority of the school's public events and activities. Constructed in 2006, the facility is state-of-the-art--and yet provides warm and welcoming gathering spaces for students and faculty

Designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, Joan and Sanford Weill Hall opened in August 2006. The 85,000-square-foot building on the northeast corner of State and Hill streets offers state-of-the-art classrooms, event spaces, and comfortable niches for student-faculty study and collaboration. 

Weill Hall's highly visible location at a gateway to central campus positions it as a central venue for public discussion of current national and international policy issues. Its stately facade of brickwork and stone complements the style of other longstanding University of Michigan landmarks, including the Michigan Union, the Michigan League, Lorch Hall, and the Hatcher Graduate Library. 

Weill Hall's three primary wings are arranged in a U-shape to maximize the amount of natural light inside. These wings embrace an east-facing courtyard on the second level. Throughout the building, alcoves and lounges of various shapes and sizes provide the informal meeting spaces that are crucial to faculty-student collaboration and community. 

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Building Hours and Accessibility

Normal Hours (Sep 1 - Apr 30)
7:30am - 6:00pm M–F—Normal access, doors are open
6:00pm - 7:30pm M–F—Keycard access for all U-M community members 
7:30pm - 7:30am/Weekends—Keycard access for Ford School community members

How to reserve space

Space in Weill Hall may be reserved only by members of the Ford School community for events and activities tied to the school's mission. Read more about our reservation policies and available facilities, then request a room. Please direct questions to

Step 1: Read Ford School Policies

Space in Weill Hall is only available for reservation by members of the Ford School community for activities related to the mission of the Ford School. A minimum of four Ford School students must be in attendance for non-Ford School events. Rooms may be reserved for six-hour blocks of time. If there are circumstances in which more time is required, please contact the facilities manager at

Exceptions do apply to the five “classrooms”—Walter and Leonore Annenberg Auditorium, Betty Ford Classroom, Paul and Nancy O’Neill Classroom, Max and Marjorie Fisher Classroom, and the David G. and Judith C. Frey, Frey Foundation Classroom—as these classrooms are generally scheduled for U-M courses during the day.

Though the registrar controls the daytime scheduling of these rooms, requests for the use of the space should go through the Ford School facilities manager. Please click on the room description links below for more detailed information about room availability and reservation arrangements.

For those needing to reserve office space for staff, faculty, PhD students, or research assistants—please read the Office Allocation Procedures and complete the Office Space Request Form. Completed forms should be returned to the 4th floor "Facilities" mailbox.

Step 2: View Floor Plans, Room Descriptions, and Check Availability

Floor plans list available rooms on the 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 5th floor.

Note: BF = Barrier Free, Extra = Auxiliary Chairs Available

Room # Room Name Capacity
1100 Great Hall
[ availability | request | more information ]
1110 Betty Ford Classroom
[ availability | request | more information ]
98 + 4 BF
1120 Walter and Leonore Annenberg Auditorium
[ availability | request | more information ]
192 + 5 BF
1210 David G. and Judith C. Frey, Frey Foundation Classroom
[ availability | request | more information ]
1220 Max and Marjorie Fisher Classroom
[ availability | request | more information ]
28 + 2 BF
1230 Paul and Nancy O’Neill Classroom
[ availability | request | more information ]
47 + 1 BF
2120 Steelcase Conference Room
[ availability | request | more information ]
2215 Scowcroft Conference Room
[ availability | request | more information ]
3113 Sigma Phi Epsilon Study Room
[ availability | request | more information ]
3117 Hudak Computer Classroom
[ availability | request | more information ]
3240 3rd Floor Seminar Room
[ availability | request | more information ]
20 + 10 Extra
5240 5th Floor Seminar Room
[ availability | request | more information ]
14 + 6 Extra

Step 3: Reserve a Room

Once you've determined that your purpose falls within Ford School policies, and identified the right room for your event, click the 'request' link in the table above and complete the room reservation form.

Safety and Security

  • Safety: In the event of severe weather, occupants will be directed to the first floor classrooms: 1110, 1120 or 1230. For fire/emergency evacuations, please proceed to the State Street sidewalk immediately west of Weill Hall, towards the middle of Weill Hall. Do not cross State Street. Do not return to the building until directed to do so by Public Safety. Everyone should become familiar enough with the building to know at least two different ways out.
  • Security: Please do not leave valuables (bags, laptops, cell phones, etc) unattended at any time while in the building. Further, do not leave your office/work space open and unsecured if you are leaving the space. Weill Hall is open to the public from 7:30am until 6:00pm Monday-Friday. The card reader doors lock at 6:00pm; all valid UM-ID holders can access the building until 7:30pm. After 7:30pm (M-F) and weekends, access is restricted to faculty, staff and students of the Ford School. If you are having issues gaining access to the building with your UM-ID, please let us know. Note: Expired UM-ID cards will not work on the card readers. Exterior doors should not be propped open for any reason. If you find a door being held or propped open, please take the time to close it.
  • The emergency number to DPS when using a campus phone is 911. If you are using a cell phone, call 911 and ask to be directed to the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety (DPS). The non-emergency number to DPS is 763-1131.
  • Take a few extra minutes to read through the EAP completely as it goes into much more detail and contains the latest updated regulations.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Facilities Manager Bill Kelly either by e-mail or stopping by his office (3220).

EAP (Emergency Action Plan)