Founded a century ago at the height of America’s Progressive Era movement, ours was the nation’s first systematic public service training program. We launched the degree to give students the tools they needed to apply rigorous scientific methods—the same methods that had fueled America’s technological, medical, and scientific advancements—to the pressing social problems of the era.

One hundred years later, we remain one of America’s most highly respected schools of public policy and public administration. But while the scope of our programs has expanded, and our analytic methods have advanced dramatically, our core values remain: community, integrity, service, action, and leadership to advance and improve our world.

Read here about the game-changing discoveries and policy engagement of our distinguished, interdisciplinary faculty. Read here about the impact and action of our impressive alumni, serving issues and organizations near and far. And explore the rigor and the applied approach that undergird our curriculum.

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Michael Barr

Michael S. Barr

Joan and Sanford Weill Dean of Public Policy