Faculty publications

Link to:Jeffrey Smith examines “match between student ability and college quality” in new paper
Jan 16, 2017
A new article by Jeffrey Smith and Eleanor Wiske Dillion (Arizona State University), "Determinants of the Match between[...]
Link to:Paula Lantz publishes article on early results of Pay for Success on population health
Jan 16, 2017
An article co-authored by Paula Lantz titled, "Pay for Success and population health: Early results from eleven[...]
Link to:Yang: “Revising commitments: Field evidence on the adjustment of prior choices”
Jan 16, 2017
An article by Dean Yang , Xavier Giné, Jessica Goldberg and Dan Silverman, "Revising Commitments: Field Evidence on the[...]
Link to:Axinn researches “Mental disorders among college students” for Population Studies Center
Jan 16, 2017
William Axinn co-authored a study, "Mental disorders among college students in the World Health Organization World[...]
Link to:Axinn examines ethnic differences in psychiatric disorders of South Asian populations
Jan 16, 2017
An article co-authored by Armani Hawes, William Axinn , and Dirgha Ghimire, "Ethnicity and Psychiatric Disorders," was[...]
Link to:Ayanian and Levy publish article on the economic effects of Medicaid expansion in Michigan
Jan 16, 2017
An article by John Z. Ayanian , Gabriel M. Ehrlich, Donald R. Grimes and Helen Levy titled, "Economic Effects of[...]
Link to:Axinn studies how level of “husband-wife emotional bond” influences use of contraception
Jan 16, 2017
An article by William Axinn , Dirgha Ghimire, and Smily Smith-Greenaway, "Emotional Variation and Fertility Behavior,"[...]
Link to:Raimi and Newell publish paper on US government revenues from oil and gas production
Jan 16, 2017
A discussion paper by Daniel Raimi and Richard G. Newell on "US State and Local Oil and Gas Revenues" was published in[...]
Link to:Axinn study seeks to develop
Jan 16, 2017
William Axinn , Dirgha Ghimire, Heather Gatney, and Stephanie Chardoul are co-authors of a forthcoming article, "[...]
Link to:Pilkauskas studies links between private financial transfers and material hardship for families
Jan 16, 2017
Natasha Pilkauskas , Colin Campbell (East Carolina University) and Christopher Wimer (Stanford University) have a[...]
Link to:Raimi publishes in Journal of Environmental Psychology on “Environmental peer persuasion”
Jan 16, 2017
An article by Kaitlin Raimi and Alexander Maki (Vanderbilt University), "Environmental peer persuasion: How moral[...]
Link to:Jacob, Stange, De Vlieger: “Measuring instructor effectiveness in higher education.”
Jan 16, 2017
Ford School professors Brian Jacob and Kevin Stange , and Michigan Economics PhD candidate Pieter De Vlieger, published[...]
Link to:McCall and Starr: “Effects of autism spectrum disorder on parental employment in the US”
Jan 16, 2017
An article by Brian McCall and Elizabeth M. Starr (University of Windsor) titled the "Effects of autism spectrum[...]
Link to:Stange finds that autonomy in higher education “need not diminish opportunities”
Jan 16, 2017
An article by Kevin Stange and Rodney Andrews (University of Texas at Dallas), "Price Regulation, Price Discrimination[...]
Link to:Brian Jacob debates the effects of NCLB school accountability policies in JPAM articles
Jan 01, 2017
In "The changing federal role in school accountability" and "The potential and limits of federal policy: A response to[...]
Link to:Wolfers for Brookings: “What do financial markets think of the 2016 election?”
Oct 20, 2016
The Brookings Institution published a paper by Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz on October 20: “What do financial[...]
Link to:Jacob on Educational Test Score Manipulation in NBER Working Paper
Oct 12, 2016
“The Causes and Consequences of Test Score Manipulation: Evidence from the New York Regents Examinations” a journal[...]
Link to:Barry Rabe on the re-emergence of state trust funds in the shale gas era
Oct 07, 2016
An article by Barry G. Rabe and Rachel L. Hampton, “Trusting in the future: The re-emergence of state trust funds in[...]
Link to:Mills and Gore: “Public and local government leader opinions on environmental federalism”
Oct 07, 2016
An article by Sarah Mills and Christopher Gore, “Public and local government leader opinions on environmental[...]
Link to:Jacob on technology and educational equality in Journal of the Social Sciences
Oct 06, 2016
"Can technology help promote equality of educational opportunities?" a journal article by Brian Jacob , Dan Berger,[...]