The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of MichiganThe Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan
Dean Yang's research featured in The Michigan Daily article, "Twelve of the most innovative ideas to come from the University community in the past year" teaser image
Sep 08, 2010
Research by Dean Yang was featured in the 'Ideas Issue’ of The Michigan Daily's weekly news magazine, The Statement.[...]
Brian Jacob quoted in Detroit News, "Teachers rule in experimental school" teaser image
Sep 03, 2010
Brian Jacob spoke to the Detroit News about the success of a new teacher-led Detroit school set to open this fall,[...]
Dean Susan M. Collins welcomes new Ford School students teaser image
Sep 01, 2010
Welcome to the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. On behalf of the entire Ford School community, I am very pleased[...]
Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky appears in Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Advisor, answering the question: "Has Dilma Already Won Brazil's Presidential Election?" teaser image
Aug 31, 2010
Has Dilma Already Won Brazil's Presidential Election? Question from "Latin American Advisor" Ruling party candidate[...]
Susan M. Collins quoted in New York Times article, "Bankers Told Recovery May Be Slow" teaser image
Aug 28, 2010
Susan M. Collins spoke to the New York Times following the Federal Reserve economic summit in Jackson Hole, Wyo. about[...]
Susan M. Collins interviewed by Reuters at Fed's Jackson Hole economic
summit teaser image
Aug 27, 2010
Watch Susan M. Collins' Reuters interview about possible Federal Reserve Board policy coming out of the economic summit[...]
Matthew Davis discusses parent concerns about cyberbullying teaser image
Aug 27, 2010
In a U-M vodcast, Matthew Davis talks about the results of a C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's[...]
David J. Harding op-ed, "Stop youth violence cycle," published in Detroit Free Press teaser image
Aug 26, 2010
An op-ed by David J. Harding about the cycle of youth violence was published in the Detroit Free Press. In "Stop youth[...]
Ford School named 'top performer' in U-M MHealthy Rewards Program teaser image
Aug 18, 2010
The Ford School was named a 'top performer' for its high level of participation—65 percent—in the University of[...]
Research by Susan M. Dynarski cited in article, "Is higher ed too high for Americans? Obama wants to restore U.S. to world lead in college graduates" teaser image
Aug 16, 2010
Research by Susan M. Dynarski was cited in an International Business Times article about the U.S. graduation rate[...]
Dean Susan M. Collins named to executive committee of Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs teaser image
Aug 13, 2010
Dean Susan M. Collins was named the secretary/treasurer of the executive committee of the Association of Professional[...]
CLOSUP report cited in a recent Christian Science Monitor article, "Tax holiday: 'tis the season when many states waive sales taxes." teaser image
Aug 09, 2010
A Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) report was cited in a recent Christian Science Monitor article[...]
CLOSUP report: Local jurisdictions, particularly Michigan's largest, actively encourage census participation teaser image
Aug 05, 2010
More than half of Michigan's local governments actively encouraged their citizens to complete their U.S. Census forms[...]
Kristin Seefeldt quoted in ABC News about growing ranks of millionaires, impoverished teaser image
Aug 05, 2010
Kristin Seefeldt spoke to ABC News about a report showing an increase in both the number of millionaires and the number[...]
2010 edition of student-run Michigan Journal of Public Affairs published teaser image
Aug 05, 2010
The Michigan Journal of Public Affairs (MJPA) published its 2010 edition featuring articles about: the relationship[...]
Robert M. Stern edits new book, "The Japanese Economy in Retrospect" teaser image
Aug 04, 2010
Robert M. Stern co-edited a new book, "The Japanese Economy in Retrospect," published by World Scientific. The book,[...]
Ford School student Meredith Horowski returns from Rwanda informed, inspired teaser image
Aug 02, 2010
Ford School BA student Meredith Horowski was chosen for a weeklong trip to Rwanda by ONE , an advocacy organization[...]
David Harding interviewed on Boston TV about his book on inner-city youth violence teaser image
Jul 30, 2010
David Harding was interviewed by Boston's Neighborhood Network News about his book, " Living the Drama: Community,[...]
CLOSUP report: Sales tax holiday spurs business, losses in tax collections teaser image
Jul 29, 2010
Sales tax holidays for certain goods lead to significantly higher sales on the goods, but also substantially reduce tax[...]
New book by Barry Rabe examines climate change through public policy lens teaser image
Jul 28, 2010
A new book edited by Barry Rabe , "Greenhouse Governance: Addressing Climate Change in America" features a number of[...]
John Ciorciari quoted in Washington Post article, "Khmer Rouge jailer faces 19 years for 16,000 dead" teaser image
Jul 27, 2010
John Ciorciari was quoted in an Associated Press story appearing in the Washington Post about the first sentencing of[...]
Melvyn Levitsky interviewed by NPR in "War on Drugs" segment teaser image
Jul 26, 2010
Melvyn Levitsky was interviewed by the Boston-based NPR public affairs show "You Are Here." In the show titled "War on[...]
John Chamberlin quoted in Washington Post article, "Detroit mayor says ousted chief 'blindsided' him" teaser image
Jul 22, 2010
John Chamberlin was quoted in an Associated Press story, appearing in the Washington Post and other news sources, about[...]
Diversity Center announces 2010-2011 grant recipients teaser image
Jul 14, 2010
The Center for Public Policy in Diverse Societies issued its inaugural call for proposals in March for projects that[...]
Matthew Davis' latest survey gives new evidence that minority children have fewer opportunities than white peers teaser image
Jul 08, 2010
Matthew Davis' survey of professionals who work with young people, which gives new evidence that minority children have[...]
Matthew Davis quoted in Health Day story on teen cyberbullying via cell phone and web teaser image
Jul 06, 2010
Matthew Davis spoke to Health Day news about the results of a new survey showing that Finland teens who are victims of[...]
John Ciorciari discusses first ruling from Khmer Rouge tribunal teaser image
Jun 30, 2010
In a U-M vodcast, John Ciorciari talks about the first verdict to be issued by the United Nations-backed Khmer Rouge[...]
Robert Axelrod, Scott Atran pen op-ed, "Why we talk to terrorists" teaser image
Jun 30, 2010
Robert Axelrod and Scott Atran wrote an op-ed for the New York Times defending their right, as social scientists , to[...]
Sheldon Danziger talks to U.S. News & World Report for article, "When Obama Trades Jobs for a Higher Priority" teaser image
Jun 24, 2010
Sheldon Danziger spoke to U.S. News & World Report about the White House’s apparent shift away from its self-[...]
Brian Jacob quoted in Education Week article about success of ‘small schools’ model teaser image
Jun 24, 2010
Brian Jacob was quoted in an Education Week article about the release of a study on the success of ‘small’ New York[...]
David Harding discusses culture, poverty research with AAPSS teaser image
Jun 18, 2010
An American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) interview with David Harding explores the complex[...]
Latest edition of the feed: Graduation day 2010 starts with Obama at the Big House, ends with inspiring speech by human rights leader Mike Pan (MPP '99) teaser image
Jun 16, 2010
The latest edition of the Ford School feed , an email news source for alumni and friends of the school, arrived in[...]
Jun 15, 2010
Dear Alumni and Friends, This edition of the feed offers news about a number of exciting activities at the Ford School[...]
National Poverty Center helps 'makeover' Detroit teaser image
Jun 15, 2010
On a rainy Saturday morning in May, nine National Poverty Center (NPC) staff, faculty, and friends met at Detroit's[...]
CLOSUP report: Michigan principals encounter challenges in implementing new high school graduation requirements teaser image
Jun 14, 2010
As this year's graduating seniors begin a new chapter in their lives, a new University of Michigan report indicates[...]
Op-ed by Brian Jacob discusses impact of new Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements teaser image
Jun 14, 2010
Brian Jacob wrote an op-ed article in the Detroit Free Press about the challenges associated with new graduation[...]
Sociologist David J. Harding joins the Ford School faculty teaser image
Jun 11, 2010
The Ford School is very pleased to welcome Associate Professor David J. Harding to the faculty. Harding has been an[...]
Student-led conference introduces local high-school students to public policy teaser image
Jun 11, 2010
New voices filled Weill Hall on March 13 as high school students from southeastern Michigan gathered for Public Policy[...]
Projects sought for revamped Applied Policy Seminar teaser image
Jun 11, 2010
This fall, the Ford School will launch an expanded version of a popular course, the Applied Policy Seminar (APS). The[...]
Sandy Weill, Harold Ford Jr. spend a day with Ford School students and faculty teaser image
Jun 11, 2010
Ford School students got the chance to rub elbows with two influential figures as the winter semester wound down,[...]
Techno-fixes for climate change? Not so fast... teaser image
Jun 11, 2010
You walk into your office, find it unbearably hot, and jack up the AC. Your office mates may complain when they have to[...]
International internships on the rise teaser image
Jun 11, 2010
In Timisoara, the second largest city in Romania, Ford School master's of public policy candidate Eric Burnstein is[...]
Simulation introduces Ford School students to careers at the CIA teaser image
Jun 11, 2010
Ford School students got a glimpse into the work of one of the most elusive organizations in the world when[...]
2010 Commencement, by the numbers teaser image
Jun 11, 2010
80,000 – 85,000. The number of students, alumni, family, faculty, staff, and friends who crowded into Michigan Stadium[...]
Ford School alum Sukhi Dosanjh (MPP '01) featured in Oakland Tribune article teaser image
Jun 09, 2010
Sukhi Dosanjh, a 2001 Ford School MPP graduate, is profiled in an Oakland Tribune article titled " East Bay native[...]
John Ciorciari pens op-ed about Khmer Rouge trials, "Justice for the Khmer Krom" teaser image
Jun 09, 2010
In an op-ed appearing in AsiaViews, John Ciorciari discusses the controversial decision by the Extraordinary Chambers[...]
Sheldon Danziger, Becky Blank named 2010 American Academy of Political and Social Science Fellows teaser image
Jun 07, 2010
At a ceremony in Washington D.C., Sheldon Danziger and Becky Blank , former Ford School dean, were inducted as 2010[...]
Barry Rabe speaks with the New York Times about impact of elections on climate change policy teaser image
Jun 04, 2010
The New York Times interviewed Barry Rabe about the dimming prospects in several Midwest states for climate initiatives[...]
Scott Atran quoted in AP article, "Analysis: High-seas raid deepens Israeli isolation" teaser image
Jun 01, 2010
Scott Atran spoke to the Associated Press about the fallout from an Israeli attack on a flotilla of Turkish aid ships[...]
Joy Rohde quoted in Boston Globe article about avatar-based 'human terrain mapping' teaser image
May 30, 2010
Joy Rohde was quoted in a Boston Globe article about the U.S. military's use of reality-based computer modeling for[...]