Insight to action

Poverty and economic development. Health and human security. Energy and the environment. Alongside their critical work as teachers and mentors, Ford School faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized experts in these and other vitally important policy areas.

Game-changing discovery, catalyzing real change

Our faculty use cutting–edge social science research methods, including demonstration trials, complex–adaptive systems approaches, mixed–methods studies, elite opinion surveys, and more. Through their research, Ford School faculty have made transformational discoveries—identifying new methods for fostering cooperation in the midst of intractable conflicts, slowing the spread of life-threatening diseases, and designing low–cost methods to reduce poverty in developing nations.

At the same time, Ford School faculty members are deeply committed to policy engagement and action. On critically important policy issues, our brilliant researchers are seeking and finding actionable policy solutions, building consensus, and mobilizing action. 

They've grown the number of low–income students who attend college by working to simplify a complex financial aid form. They've helped communities balance the economic and environmental issues raised by fracking—arming state and local government leaders with trustworthy information on policy options. And they've saved lives by working to regulate the trade of weapons to countries with poor human rights records.

Centers and initiatives

The Ford School is home to or co–sponsor of a number of a growing number of active, multi-disciplinary research centers and initiatives that focus on a range of pressing policy concerns, engaged across all levels of governance: local, state, national and international.

Policy Topics

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