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Link to:As Billington retires, Paul Courant a contender for Library of Congress chief
Jun 17, 2015
As Library of Congress Chief James H. Billington announces his retirement, New York Times White House correspondent[...]
Link to:The Guardian features Courant study: Top U's pay too much
Jun 17, 2014
"Top universities are paying too much for scores of academic journals provided by major publishing companies," writes[...]
Link to:Paul Courant's powerful public service, the HathiTrust digital library
Dec 16, 2013
Scholarly CVs are long, there's no denying it, so it's not surprising that Paul N. Courant 's CV stretches a good[...]
Link to:Regents extend Paul N. Courant's appointment as University Librarian, Dean of Libraries
Apr 29, 2011
During their April meeting, the University of Michigan Regents extended Paul N. Courant's appointment as University[...]
Link to:Research by Paul N. Courant cited in Inside Higher Ed about library book sharing
Mar 16, 2011
Research by Paul N. Courant was cited in an Inside Higher Ed article, "Pays to Share," about the rising cost of[...]


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