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Link to:Utilities have little financial incentive to plug methane leaks
Mar 01, 2019
ANN ARBOR—Natural gas distribution firms lack incentives to reduce methane leaks, which contribute to climate change, a[...]
Link to:U-M Ford School hosts global competition on migration
Feb 22, 2019
ANN ARBOR—Migration is a mounting global problem with no clear solutions. A daylong international competition at the[...]
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Feb 11, 2019
We’ve all heard the excitement (and apprehension) circulating around a future in which our cars drive themselves. While[...]
Link to:Ford Professor Catherine Hausman weighs in on luck and compensation for oil executives
Jan 29, 2019
ANN ARBOR—Compensation of U.S. oil and gas executives is closely tied to oil prices—much more closely than economic[...]
Link to:Michigan News release: Hausman on anticipated electric cost surges in warming world
Feb 07, 2017
Climate change is likely to increase U.S. electricity costs over the next century by billions of dollars more than[...]