William Axinn

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Link to:Axinn’s research on sexual assault finds greater risk for women with little or no college
Nov 28, 2017
William Axinn ’s recent study on sexual assault rates, "General population estimates of the association between college[...]
Link to:Axinn study seeks to develop
Jan 16, 2017
William Axinn , Dirgha Ghimire, Heather Gatney, and Stephanie Chardoul are co-authors of a forthcoming article, "[...]
Link to:Axinn studies how level of “husband-wife emotional bond” influences use of contraception
Jan 16, 2017
An article by William Axinn , Dirgha Ghimire, and Smily Smith-Greenaway, "Emotional Variation and Fertility Behavior,"[...]
Link to:Axinn examines ethnic differences in psychiatric disorders of South Asian populations
Jan 16, 2017
An article co-authored by Armani Hawes, William Axinn , and Dirgha Ghimire, "Ethnicity and Psychiatric Disorders," was[...]
Link to:Axinn researches “Mental disorders among college students” for Population Studies Center
Jan 16, 2017
William Axinn co-authored a study, "Mental disorders among college students in the World Health Organization World[...]


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Professor of Sociology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Research Professor, Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research and Professor of Public Policy, Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy
1006G ISR
734 763-8649