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Joan and Sanford Weill Hall
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Weill Hall: a space to learn and engage

Below, take a virtual walk around Joan and Sanford Weill Hall, home of the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Located at 735 South State Street in Ann Arbor, Weill Hall marks the southern gateway to central campus.

Constructed in 2006, the facility is state-of-the-art and yet provides warm and welcoming gathering spaces for students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.

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Becky Blank Hall
Reading Room
Grand Staircase
Outside of Weill Hall
Around the building

Great Hall

A quiet working space

At other times, the Becky Blank Hall is a quiet working space for students.
A Ford School graduate and his family celebrating with a photo at the open house photo booth

Event gathering

The Becky Blank Hall is often transformed into a gathering space for events, such as our annual Grad Open House celebrating graduating seniors.
Gramlich Showcase

Exhibition space

During our annual Gramlich Showcase of Student Work, the Becky Blank Hall is transformed to display student research and service projects.
Scaled statue of President Ford, placed in Weill Hall

Gerald R. Ford

Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States, is honored in our Becky Blank Hall with a statue, portrait, and photos all throughout the school.

360 degree views of the Becky Blank Hall

Take a virtual tour of the Becky Blank Hall, viewed from our second-floor balcony (360 Photo).

Take a virtual tour of the Becky Blank Hall at ground level (360 Photo).

Take a virtual tour of the Becky Blank Hall during our annual Grad Open House (360 Video).


1220 Weill Hall classroom photo

O'Neill Classroom

Several conference and seminar rooms can be reserved by students for group meetings or study sessions. They are all equipped with instructional and multimedia resources.
3240 Weill Hall conference room

3rd floor seminar room

Several conference and seminar rooms can be reserved by students for group meetings or study sessions. They are all equipped with instructional and multimedia resources.

360 degree views of our classrooms

Betty Ford Classroom 1110 (360 Photo).

1210 - Frey Foundation Classroom (360 Photo)

1220 - Max and Marjorie Fisher Classroom (360 Photo).

1230 - Paul and Nancy O’Neill Classroom (360 Photo).

3rd Floor Seminar Room (360 Photo).

5th Floor Seminar Room (360 Photo).

Ambassador Samantha Power and WDC Director John Ciorciari

Event hosting

Aside from lectures, fun and casual events like movie nights take place in Annenberg Auditorium
Students in Annenberg Auditorium

Featured speakers

Whether big groups or small settings, the Annenberg can accommodate many different types of events.

360 degree view of the Annenberg Auditorium

Many large classes and events are held at the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Auditorium, which can seat more than 190 people. Aside from lectures, fun and casual events like movie nights take place in Annenberg Auditorium (360 Photo).


Student in reading room

Quiet study

Students take advantage of natural light coming in from the large windows, spacious tables, numerous outlets, a quiet atmosphere, and close proximity to the Hudak Family Computer Classroom.
Reading Room reception desk

Areas to read

Students can find a cozy nook and comfortable seating in the Reading Room.

360 degree views of the Towsley Reading Room

Explore the Towsley Reading Room, Main Room (360 Photo).

Explore the Towsley Reading Room, side room (360 Photo).


360 degree views of the Grand Staircase

Weill Hall's grand staircase connects all five floors of the Ford School. Take a virtual tour below (360 photo).

The top of the grand staircase



Weill Hall from the south

South view

The south side of Weill Hall faces the athletic complex.
Weill Hall north entrance

North side

The north side of the building faces the main campus and the Law School.
Weill Hall along State Street

West side

The west side of the building catches full afternoon sun.
Weill Hall at night, from State & Hill

At dusk

Weill Hall at dusk
2nd floor hallway during Gramlich Showcase

Second-floor hallway

The second-floor hallway faces into the large courtyard. It is available for educational and cultural exhibits created by student organizations, and it's used for the annual Gramlich Showcase of Student Work.
Corkboard with event posters

Informational displays

Poster boards around the building offer the latest information.
Weill Hall courtyard


The courtyard is used as a gathering space for the Ford School community.
Computer lab

Hudak Computer Lab

A U-M Sites managed lab, the Hudak Family Computer Lab hosts classes, and gives students work and printing options.


Academic facilities around the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan consistently ranks as one of the finest academic and research institutions in the nation. Ford School students are encouraged to utilize the full range of university academic and research facilities in support of their studies.

U-M Research Centers

Other U-M research centers with which the Ford School has regular interaction include the Institute for Social Research, the nation's longest-standing laboratory for interdisciplinary research in the social sciences, and the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, which has one of the world's largest archives in the social sciences.

Ford School faculty members conduct research in conjunction with numerous other research centers on campus, including: The Center for the Study of Complex Systems, the Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute, the Office of Tax Policy Research, the International Institute, the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, the Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured, the William Davidson Institute, the Population Studies Center, and many more.

University Library

Consistently ranked as one of the top ten academic research libraries in North America, the University Library makes available an extraordinary array of resources and services. Nineteen libraries on the University of Michigan campus offer a wealth of resources in traditional as well as digital formats. The library's expert staff is committed to helping patrons tap the full potential of these information resources and to providing a full spectrum of assistance for research and teaching. Staff help students at every step in their educational career and work closely with faculty and graduate students to support their research needs.

Print collections number over 7 million volumes, covering thousands of years of civilization, from papyri to reports of the latest advances in science and medicine. The library's primary commitment in building collections is to meet the research and instructional needs of University of Michigan faculty and students. In doing so, the breadth and depth of subject, date, and language coverage makes the University Library's collection an international resource in support of virtually all fields of scholarly endeavor.

In addition to the impressive array of print resources, the University Library's premier digital library creates and makes available text, image, and other online collections to scholars and readers around the globe. These carefully curated digital resources complement and extend the traditional holdings of the Library.

Renovated Student Union

One of the most beloved buildings on Central Campus, the Michigan Union is impressive in stature and alive with activity. The Michigan Union houses study and meeting spaces, six eateries, shops, and student services. And it’s home to the IdeaHub for student organizations, run by the Center for Campus Involvement. While you’re here, be sure to stroll through the historic halls, enjoy the beautifully restored architectural details and imagine all the Wolverines who have come through the doors. 

Want to take a self-guided tour? This digital tour will guide you through what’s new.