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Our faculty are renowned teachers and experts who care deeply about the impact of their work. Our curriculum is rigorous, interdisciplinary, and hands-on. Our students are diverse leaders who share a commitment to the public good. Our university is one of the best in the world.

We know you are passionate about public policy and committed to a successful career of real impact for the public good.

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Looking to begin or advance your career in public policy. A professional career in policy advocacy and public affairs; program implementation; analysis and research; and evaluation in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Our MPP is a renowned 2-year program recognized for its excellence in analytical methods, leadership development, and a wide variety of public policy fields.

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A seasoned professional, with at least five years of policy-related experience in government, military, government affairs in the private sector, or the nonprofit sector—in the U.S. or abroad. To advance your career to become a public affairs specialist; take a senior level position in U.S. local, state, or federal government; lead government agencies around the world; or lead a government affairs team for an engineering firm or other for-profit business. Our nine-month MPA degree is designed to enhance analytic abilities, communication and writing skills, and leadership skills to advance your public policy career and broaden your professional networks.
Ready to embark on a research career in the social sciences—economics, sociology, or political science—with a focus on public policy impact. To lead research projects for think tanks, government or intergovernmental agencies, or become faculty in a social science or professional school. Our highly competitive and unique joint PhD program provides interdisciplinary specialization with a MPP degree.

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A U-M graduate student interested in public policy questions related to science and technology. To bring the most rigorous tools of social science to bear on critical public policy questions. Our specialized Science and Technology in Public Policy certificate program provides students with tools to analyze complex science and technology policy issues and explore the political and policy landscape of specific science and technology areas.
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Master of Public Policy. Master of Public Affairs. Dual Masters degrees with law, business, and other top University of Michigan programs. Joint PhD degrees with economics, sociology, and political science.
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The Ford School seeks applicants from a diversity of academic, professional, and personal backgrounds. We emphasize the applicant’s academic performance as an undergraduate, demonstrated commitment to public policy, potential for graduate studies, statement of purpose, relevant work experience, range of courses taken, and faculty and employer evaluations.

MPP program MPA program PhD program Science, technology, & public policy graduate certificate
January 15 application deadline January 15 application deadline December 1 application deadline November 1 and March 1 application deadline
Admission is granted for the fall semester only. Admission is granted for the fall semester only. Admission is granted for the fall semester only. Admission is granted in fall and winter semesters.

GRE scores or quantitative resumes are required for applicants seeking admission to the MPP program in the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Detailed information about our GRE requirement and all necessary application materials can be found on our application process page

GRE not required. See all requirements on the MPA admissions page.


GRE not required. See all requirements on the PhD admissions page. Any student who is currently enrolled in a University of Michigan graduate degree program and has received grades for at least one semester of coursework (carrying a B average or better). See additional requirements on the STPP certificate admissions page.
Applicants will be notified about admissions decisions by mid to late March. Applicants will be notified about admissions decisions by mid to late March. Applicants will be notified about admissions decisions by late February.


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