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Our faculty use cutting–edge analytical methods—causal inference, demonstration trials, complex–adaptive systems approaches, mixed-methods studies, historical analyses, elite opinion surveys, and more—to make transformational discoveries.

They are finding ways to reduce structural inequality in health, education, and economic prospects. They're identifying new methods for fostering cooperation in the midst of intractable conflicts, slowing the spread of life-threatening diseases, and designing low-cost methods to reduce poverty in developing nations and right here in Michigan.

In partnership with communities, our faculty help to turn their insights into actionable policy solutions. Students have opportunities to be involved in nearly all of these activities, as research assistants, interns, and more.

At the Ford School, we don’t just express views, we express views that are based on research and serious scholarly inquiry, which I think the world really needs right now.

Michael S. Barr, Frank Murphy Collegiate Professor of Public Policy

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Urgent questions at the intersection of science, technology, and public policy are shaping nearly every aspect of our society. Science and technology policies shape transportation, communication, public safety, social services, and much...
The Ford School's Weiser Diplomacy Center has made the University of Michigan a leading, dynamic hub for engagement with the foreign policy community and a national leader in international policy education.  

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