The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of MichiganThe Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan
Oct 17, 2014
The latest edition of the Ford School feed, an email news source for alumni and friends of the school, arrived in[...]
Oct 17, 2014
Following a University of Chicago Economic Experts panel on the work of Thomas Piketty, Justin Wolfers pens New York[...]
Oct 15, 2014
The Ford School Alumni Board is pleased to announce that Patrick Anderson (MPP ‘83) is the recipient of the 2014 Neil[...]
Oct 15, 2014
Ford School Alumni Board vice-chair, Peter Fritz, MPP/MBA '10, is organizing the 2014 Alumni Board elections. Alumni[...]
Oct 15, 2014
This letter originally appeared in the October 15, 2014 edition of our electronic newsletter, 'the ford school feed' .[...]
Oct 09, 2014
Policy Points is a video series featuring short segments on current events or recent research by faculty from the[...]
Oct 08, 2014
Kary Moss , who will be teaching at the Ford School this winter, speaks with the Detroit Free Press about the Supreme[...]
Oct 07, 2014
“Michigan health care professionals are ready to deal with the threat of the Ebola virus that is now on American shores[...]
Oct 06, 2014
“I belong to the generation that came of age in the days before Roe vs. Wade,” writes Marina v.N. Whitman, “[my 15-year[...]
Melyvn Levitsky on Brazil's Presidential Election
Oct 03, 2014
Melvyn Levitsky analyzes the dynamics of Brazil’s voting populace in Christina Silva’s October 3 International Business[...]
Oct 03, 2014
Of the 487 National Medals of Science bestowed since the award’s creation in 1959, less than two dozen have been[...]
Oct 02, 2014
For the first time in six years, more Michigan communities report that they are better able to meet their fiscal needs[...]
Sep 26, 2014
A current Education Policy Initiative study is the topic of the September 26 MLive article by Roberto Acosta, “[...]
Sep 26, 2014
In a Q&A session with the New Republic , Betsey Stevenson discusses the impact new policies to support working[...]
Sep 25, 2014
Written for Global Michigan by William Foreman . Brazil’s presidential election on Oct. 5 could be tight. The incumbent[...]
Sep 24, 2014
In recent years, scientists, engineers, and policymakers have started asking governments to fund research into[...]
Sep 22, 2014
“The Obama administration seems intent on putting [college] ratings in place in short order,” writes Dynarski in “Why[...]
Sep 16, 2014
“The Obama administration is preparing a system of college ratings that it hopes will improve college quality and hold[...]
Sep 15, 2014
“States are charging less and less to allow oil and gas companies to drill more and more,” writes Alan Neuhauser in the[...]
Sep 15, 2014
“Before we get too excited about the possibility of giving everyone access to potentially life-saving information, we[...]
Sep 12, 2014
After the widespread deregulation of U.S. energy in the late 1990s, in which half of American nuclear plants entered[...]
Sep 12, 2014
Neel Hajra , who regularly teaches “Policy and Management in the Nonprofit Sector” at the Ford School, has been named[...]
Wolfers picked for IMF "25 Brightest Young Economists" list teaser image
Sep 10, 2014
What does Justin Wolfers have in common with Esther Duflo, Roland Fryer, and Thomas Piketty? All just made the[...]
What's new about our new site? Just about everything.  teaser image
Sep 05, 2014
Welcome to the Ford School's all-new presence on the web. For the past ten months, we've been working to design, create[...]
Proximity to Great Lakes a key factor in local officials' views teaser image
Sep 04, 2014
By Greta Guest ANN ARBOR—Nearly all of Michigan's local leaders see the Great Lakes as a valuable economic resource for[...]
Mapping Ebola to combat its spread teaser image
Sep 03, 2014
On August 18, Dr. Dan Kelly published an op-ed in the San Francisco Gate . His friend and colleague, a medical doctor,[...]
Axelrod begins State Department fellowship teaser image
Sep 02, 2014
Robert Axelrod , the Walgreen Professor for the Study of Human Understanding, will begin a one-year Jefferson Science[...]
Welcome, and welcome back, to the Ford School teaser image
Sep 01, 2014
Members of the Ford School community—welcome, and welcome back! Summer tends to send us all around the globe—for family[...]
Lower interest rates won't stop student loan defaults; Dynarski argues for income-dependent repayment teaser image
Sep 01, 2014
Student loan interest rates have risen from 3.86 to 4.66 percent this fall, and critics are arguing that the government[...]
Alums ensure student resumes are polished, accurate, and clear teaser image
Sep 01, 2014
On July 24, the Ford School piloted a worldwide Alumni Resume Review Program. In-person resume reviews, for Ford School[...]
Brian Jacob receives grant to study educational reform effectiveness teaser image
Sep 01, 2014
Brian Jacob has been awarded a $98,487 grant from the Spencer Foundation to study the effectiveness of No Child Left[...]
Correlation still does not imply causation teaser image
Sep 01, 2014
In an August 6 article in “The Upshot,” The New York Times ' curated blog on politics, policy, and economics, Susan[...]
Law enforcement increasingly intolerant of dissent teaser image
Aug 29, 2014
"It's very clear that when people get this gear they tend to want to use it," says Joy Rohde in the August 28 Policy[...]
"Sacred values" can always be reinterpreted teaser image
Aug 29, 2014
"After spleens are vented…enough grudging accommodation can emerge to stop the killing even if dreams of triumph endure[...]
Khmer Rouge Tribunal begins new phase with wider scope teaser image
Aug 28, 2014
The Khmer Rouge tribunal's ongoing proceedings against the former Khmer Rouge leaders Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan are[...]
American government intro, refresher for incoming master’s students teaser image
Aug 28, 2014
This August, the Ford School offered its first ever American government module , a free non-credit course to acquaint[...]
Later start for school days not flashy policy, but would improve education  teaser image
Aug 27, 2014
The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a policy statement that American high schools should start later in the[...]
Welcome back returning Fordies! teaser image
Aug 27, 2014
As our new and returning Fordies settle in at Weill Hall, we'd like to share a few highlights from the summer: We were[...]
Carl Simon talks Ebola and the power of quarantine teaser image
Aug 26, 2014
In an August 26 Policy Points video, Carl Simon argues that quarantine is the key to containing and eliminating the[...]
Welcome week for new students teaser image
Aug 22, 2014
They’ve ordered their Mcards, registered for classes, submitted their student bios, and done a dozen other things to[...]
Take your professor to lunch teaser image
Aug 14, 2014
On March 19th, 2014, Ford School students Maron Alemu and Analidis Ochoa took professor Luke Shaefer to lunch at the[...]
Articles jump to conclusions on Gallup debt findings teaser image
Aug 14, 2014
"I am happy to yield the point that, everything else held constant, a person will be happier without debt than with it[...]
Professional Development Fund helps jumpstart careers teaser image
Aug 14, 2014
With valuable educational opportunities beckoning in cities near and far, Ford School students benefit from[...]
Fed stays cautious on recovery stimulus teaser image
Jul 31, 2014
"It would be hard to make a strong case at this point that the economy is roaring out of a slow recovery," Kathryn[...]
Guiding American math education reform teaser image
Jul 25, 2014
Ford School Professor David Cohen and his wife, Magdalene Lampert, cited in Elizabeth Green's July 23 New York Times[...]
Kevin Stange awarded Spencer Foundation grant teaser image
Jul 24, 2014
Ford School professor Kevin Stange has been awarded a $49,854 grant from the Spencer Foundation to study the effects of[...]
Carbon tax might work, if revenue funds renewables teaser image
Jul 23, 2014
A July 21 report released by Barry Rabe , director of the Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP), and[...]
The Trehan Family Ford School Fund teaser image
Jul 21, 2014
The Trehans came to the University of Michigan from India in 1964 with about $1,000. Mrs. Adarsh Trehan, now a Ford[...]
Worldwide Spirit Day marks Ford School centennial teaser image
Jul 21, 2014
Ford School students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends around the world celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the[...]
Local opposition to fracking gains momentum in Colorado teaser image
Jul 18, 2014
Municipal control over energy policy could make hydraulic fracturing a risky investment in Colorado, Ford School[...]