The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of MichiganThe Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan
Mar 29, 2014
Joy Rohde will remark on major points of her book Armed with Expertise and answer questions from the audience. The[...]
Twenty years after the Rwandan Genocide, with Paul Rusesabagina teaser image
Mar 28, 2014
Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide, Paul Rusesabagina, the Hutu hotel manager who sheltered and protected over 1,[...]
Informing local leaders about fiscal health and economic development teaser image
Mar 28, 2014
Five years ago, the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy launched an ongoing survey of the chief elected and[...]
Mar 28, 2014
On March 26, 2014, Detroit's Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr , spoke at the University of Michigan as part of an event put[...]
Mar 26, 2014
Over 400 people turned out on March 25th to hear Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr deliver a lecture as part of the[...]
Mar 21, 2014
Carrie Hessler-Radelet is acting Director of the Peace Corps as of July 2013. She was initially appointed deputy[...]
Mar 20, 2014
A recent Brookings paper published by the Ford School's Joshua K. Hausman and University of California, San Diego's[...]
Mar 19, 2014
On March 19, 2014 the second annual Student Day of Thanks was held in the Great Hall of the Ford School. Students wrote[...]
Mar 18, 2014
The Center for Public Policy in Diverse Societies will give out funding for up to five project proposals. The Center is[...]
Mar 14, 2014
Ford School professors Susan Dynarski, Elisabeth Gerber, Yazier Henry, Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky and Justin Thomas[...]
Levitsky shares his view on Russia-Ukraine with U.S. News and World Report teaser image
Mar 07, 2014
On March 7, Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky was quoted in a U.S. News and World Report article on the emerging crisis[...]
Mar 07, 2014
"More than 200 million workers travel abroad to work as maids, construction labourers and at other low-wage jobs,"[...]
Mar 06, 2014
Dr. Matthew Davis , a Ford School faculty member and chief medical executive for the state of Michigan, calls on[...]
Mar 05, 2014
Ben Curtiss Lusher, a dual-master's candidate in business administration and public policy, has been recognized by the[...]
Mar 04, 2014
Dean Yang , speaking in a Ford School Policy Points video, shares results from a recent microfinance study of the[...]
Mar 04, 2014
Each spring, Ford School faculty and staff nominate dozens of outstanding student research and service projects for[...]
Mar 01, 2014
In a LA Times article on the March 1 attack, Philip Potter states that, although knives are low-tech, the attack showed[...]
Feb 26, 2014
Noelle Polaski (MPP, MA '16) is among four U-M graduate students whose team, Le Rouge, won the 2014 Social Impact[...]
Levitsky shares his views on marijuana legalization with teaser image
Feb 24, 2014
On February 19, Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky was quoted in a article on the push for marijuana[...]
Danziger speaks with Al Jazeera America on the U.S. poverty rate teaser image
Feb 24, 2014
On February 20, Professor Sheldon Danziger was interviewed in an Al Jazeera America article about the relationship[...]
Dynarski comments on proposals to offset the high cost of a college education teaser image
Feb 24, 2014
In an NPR article , Susan Dynarski asked to explain the viability of proposals out of Oregon and Tennessee aimed at[...]
Feb 24, 2014
At Brooking Institution's spring conference next month, Joshua Hausman and Johannes Wieland will have their paper on[...]
Ambassador Richard Boucher and Margo Picken to teach two new public policy courses teaser image
Feb 20, 2014
Announcing TWO exciting half-semester public policy courses taught by our Winter 2014 Towsley Foundation Policymakers[...]
A conversation on leadership and foreign policy teaser image
Feb 19, 2014
The focus of this Ford Policy Union will be on leadership and on specific examples from Ambassador Negroponte's[...]
Feb 13, 2014
The Ford School of Public Policy has engaged Hile Creative and The Linux Box to undertake a major project that is[...]
Feb 12, 2014
In a new Ford School Policy Points video , Ann Lin analyzes Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's plan to bring 50,000 highly[...]
Feb 10, 2014
On November 7, 2013 the Ford School joined with schools and colleges at the University of Michigan to kick off the[...]
Feb 08, 2014
In a Detroit Free Press op-ed , Marina v.N. Whitman calls for tax code reform as its current complexity often results[...]
Dynarski appointed as a Brookings Institution Nonresident Senior Fellow teaser image
Feb 06, 2014
In 2014, Susan Dynarski will serve as a nonresident senior fellow in the Brookings Institution's Economic Studies[...]
University of Michigan poll: Detroit bankruptcy was the right decision teaser image
Feb 03, 2014
Despite concerns about Detroit's bankruptcy, 56 percent of local government officials in Michigan said it was the right[...]
Feb 03, 2014
In a Voice of America article , John Ciorciari says the new commitment from the United Nations and Cambodia reinforcing[...]
Strategy to reduce infant mortality rate in Detroit must have strong medical and social component, says Davis teaser image
Jan 30, 2014
In a Detroit News article on Detroit's high infant mortality rate, Dr. Matthew Davis discusses the challenges to making[...]
Levy testifies in front of the House Ways and Means Committee on the Affordable Care Act's definition of full time employment teaser image
Jan 30, 2014
At the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee hearing on " The Impact of the Employer Mandate's Definition[...]
Jan 29, 2014
The latest edition of the Ford School feed , an email news source for alumni and friends of the school, arrived in[...]
Jan 29, 2014
2013 marked the 100th anniversary of President Gerald R. Ford's birth. To honor our namesake's legacy, the Ford School[...]
Jan 28, 2014
A new year begins, and I write with the warmest wishes that 2014 will bring health, peace, and prosperity to you and[...]
Jan 28, 2014
The Ford School's centennial year is underway! To kick off the celebrations, we sent 2014 calendars to thousands of[...]
Brittany Jones (BA '14) honored as a 2014 MLK Spirit Award recipient  teaser image
Jan 27, 2014
Brittany Jones (BA '14) was recognized as a 2014 Central Campus Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Spirit Award recipient[...]
Widening income gap becoming self-perpetuating, says Danziger  teaser image
Jan 25, 2014
In an NPR piece on the debate surrounding income inequality and economic mobility, Sheldon Danziger explains that in[...]
New book by Ciorciari offers critique of Khmer Rouge Tribunal teaser image
Jan 23, 2014
"Hybrid Justice: The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia," a forthcoming book by John Ciorciari and Anne[...]
Jan 23, 2014
The latest Center for Local State and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) poll on the increased use of placemaking as a community and[...]
Emergency manager appointments reflect growing inequality, writes Farley teaser image
Jan 22, 2014
In a Bridge Magazine editorial, Reynolds Farley explains that the pattern of where the state has taken control from[...]
Jan 22, 2014
More than a third of local jurisdictions reported using "placemaking" as an economic development strategy in 2013, up[...]
National Poverty Center brief focuses on food insecurity in Detroit in the aftermath of the Great Recession teaser image
Jan 20, 2014
A new policy brief out of the National Poverty Center (NPC) evaluates recent changes in the prevalence of food[...]
Jacob part of expert line-up on State of Opportunity special on high stakes testing teaser image
Jan 16, 2014
In a State of Opportunity broadcast , Brian Jacob discusses the impact of high stakes testing, particularly for low-[...]
Ford School's National Poverty Center hosts major event on anniversary of LBJ's 'War on Poverty' teaser image
Jan 16, 2014
January 8, 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson's declaration of "unconditional War on[...]
Jan 16, 2014
The Ford School community is delighted to welcome Ambassador Richard Boucher as the Towsley Foundation Policymaker in[...]
Jan 16, 2014
This seminar will feature speakers from sociology, psychology and economics giving their perspectives on the causes,[...]
Jan 16, 2014
Due to technical difficulties the University of Michigan experienced on January 15, the Ford School is extending the[...]
Students tackle Great Lakes policy challenges in Integrated Policy Exercise teaser image
Jan 15, 2014
Now in its 14th year, the Integrated Policy Exercise (IPE) has become a signature component of the Ford School master's[...]