The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of MichiganThe Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan
May 06, 2014
Chad Halcom, a reporter for Crain's Detroit Business , credits Ford School alumnus Gregory Holman (MPP/MUP '11), with:[...]
Zachary Petroni, inaugural Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship recipient, discusses the flawed conservation equation for Kenyan forest teaser image
May 05, 2014
By Zach Petroni (BA '13) Kenya's Arabuko-Sokoke Forest (ASF), the largest remnant of a hardwood forest that once[...]
Hauling charcoal, studying conservation in Kenya teaser image
May 05, 2014
By William Foreman Zach Petroni (BA '13) believes that to truly know something, you have to experience it. So that's[...]
May 05, 2014
"You are not just graduates of a great university," Senator Carl Levin told the Ford School's centennial graduating[...]
Matthew Davis finds two out of three support Affordable Care Act's contraception coverage teaser image
May 02, 2014
In an April 28 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) article, Ford School Professor Matthew Davis and[...]
Fighting poverty like an IPPSter teaser image
May 02, 2014
Peter Borish applies analytics and creativity to for-profit and not-for-profit endeavors alike By Jeff Mortimer "I was[...]
May 01, 2014
This year, Sheldon H. Danziger took a leave of absence to serve as the tenth president of the Russell Sage Foundation,[...]
Phil Potter quoted by Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Business News on Chinese terror attack teaser image
May 01, 2014
Philip B.K. Potter, assistant professor at the Ford School, was quoted in a May 1 Wall Street Journal article on the[...]
Sue Dynarski's research discussed in congressional hearing with Education Secretary Arne Duncan teaser image
May 01, 2014
Ford School Professor Susan Dynarski's research on student loan default rates was cited by Representative Tom Petri[...]
May 01, 2014
Applied Policy Seminar puts students to work for local governments, NGOs By Jeff Mortimer When Susan Pollay, executive[...]
Apr 30, 2014
The spring 2014 edition of State & Hill magazine features a ten-page, photo-rich historical timeline highlighting[...]
Apr 29, 2014
By Greta Guest, Michigan News As Zouheir Al Ghreiwati prepares to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public[...]
Apr 29, 2014
"The income gap between the rich and poor in China has surpassed that of the U.S. and is among the widest in the world[...]
Apr 28, 2014
Students in Public Policy 475: "Philanthropic Foundations in the Public Arena" spent the semester getting a taste of[...]
Matthew Davis discusses short- and long-term benefits of investments in lead abatement teaser image
Apr 24, 2014
Ford School Professor Matthew Davis , who serves as chief medical executive for the State of Michigan, joined Michigan[...]
Apr 24, 2014
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. The Charge to the[...]
Apr 23, 2014
Isaac McFarlin , assistant research scientist at the Ford School, discussed his research on the Texas Top 10 Percent[...]
Wolfers to contribute to New York Times politics and policy website The Upshot  teaser image
Apr 22, 2014
Professor of Public Policy Justin Wolfers will be a regular contributor to the New York Times venture The Upshot, which[...]
Apr 22, 2014
New endowed funds for student support The Ford School has created two new permanent endowment funds to help commemorate[...]
Apr 21, 2014
The Ford School joined a research team including faculty and graduate students from Ryerson University in Toronto and[...]
CLOSUP hosts Ann Arbor mayoral candidates teaser image
Apr 18, 2014
The Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) hosted the four declared candidates in Ann Arbor's mayoral race[...]
Apr 16, 2014
The first cohort of Dow Sustainability Fellows has recently partnered with the City of Ann Arbor on a pilot project[...]
Khmer Rouge Trials: Serving to End or Compound Cambodia's Culture of Impunity? teaser image
Apr 10, 2014
In a conversation moderated by Susan Waltz , Margo Picken and John Ciorciari will discuss the positive and negative[...]
Waltz argues Universal Declaration of Human Rights a global, cooperative effort; not just a western idea teaser image
Apr 10, 2014
On April 9th, Professor of Public Policy Susan E. Waltz , a scholar and long-time leader in the field of human rights,[...]
Apr 10, 2014
"It's no overstatement to say that property tax revenues are really the lifeblood of local government. So what do local[...]
Ford School celebrates the legacy of Margaret Ann (Ranny) Riecker (HLLD '05) teaser image
Apr 09, 2014
Margaret Ann (Ranny) Riecker (HLLD '05), who passed away in Midland, Mich., on April 7, was among the Ford School's[...]
Maya Menlo plays a role in U-M decision to support Bangladesh factory safety accord  teaser image
Apr 08, 2014
"President Mary Sue Coleman announced April 1 that U-M will adopt the recommendations of the President's Advisory[...]
Apr 08, 2014
CLOSUP's March report from the National Surveys on Energy and the Environment reveals declining support for state[...]
Apr 08, 2014
Ford School students and staff ran in the second annual Big House 5K: Trail to the Victors on Sunday, April 6. The[...]
Harvard Political Review article quotes Mary Corcoran on gender inequality in the academy teaser image
Apr 04, 2014
In the Harvard Political Review article, "Leaks in the Pipeline: Gender Equity in the Academy," Kaitlyn Jeong quotes[...]
Debate over 'Pay It Forward' continues, Dynarski's suggested amendments receive increased attention teaser image
Apr 04, 2014
Susan Dynarski is quoted in a number of articles this month discussing 'Pay It Forward' legislation, now under[...]
Apr 03, 2014
Ruchi Chopda of the Times of India reports on a recent discovery by Dean Yang and Ganesh Seshan : motivating migrants[...]
Apr 03, 2014
This talk will investigate the problem of rising economic inequality in the United States and the various options for[...]
Apr 03, 2014
In the wake of the 2008 crisis, many have concluded that financial crises inevitably lead to prolonged, terrible[...]
Apr 03, 2014
The Ford School's distinguished Jack L. Walker, Jr. Professor of Public Policy Elisabeth R. Gerber will deliver a[...]
GM penny-wise and pound-foolish says Marina v.N. Whitman teaser image
Apr 02, 2014
In an interview with reporters, Marina v.N. Whitman , once the highest ranking female executive in the auto industry[...]
Mar 29, 2014
Joy Rohde will remark on major points of her book Armed with Expertise and answer questions from the audience. The[...]
Twenty years after the Rwandan Genocide, with Paul Rusesabagina teaser image
Mar 28, 2014
Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide, Paul Rusesabagina, the Hutu hotel manager who sheltered and protected over 1,[...]
Informing local leaders about fiscal health and economic development teaser image
Mar 28, 2014
Five years ago, the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy launched an ongoing survey of the chief elected and[...]
Mar 28, 2014
On March 26, 2014, Detroit's Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr , spoke at the University of Michigan as part of an event put[...]
Mar 26, 2014
Over 400 people turned out on March 25th to hear Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr deliver a lecture as part of the[...]
Mar 21, 2014
Carrie Hessler-Radelet is acting Director of the Peace Corps as of July 2013. She was initially appointed deputy[...]
Mar 20, 2014
A recent Brookings paper published by the Ford School's Joshua K. Hausman and University of California, San Diego's[...]
Mar 19, 2014
On March 19, 2014 the second annual Student Day of Thanks was held in the Great Hall of the Ford School. Students wrote[...]
Mar 18, 2014
The Center for Public Policy in Diverse Societies will give out funding for up to five project proposals. The Center is[...]
Mar 14, 2014
Ford School professors Susan Dynarski, Elisabeth Gerber, Yazier Henry, Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky and Justin Thomas[...]
Levitsky shares his view on Russia-Ukraine with U.S. News and World Report teaser image
Mar 07, 2014
On March 7, Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky was quoted in a U.S. News and World Report article on the emerging crisis[...]
Mar 07, 2014
"More than 200 million workers travel abroad to work as maids, construction labourers and at other low-wage jobs,"[...]
Mar 06, 2014
Dr. Matthew Davis , a Ford School faculty member and chief medical executive for the state of Michigan, calls on[...]
Mar 05, 2014
Ben Curtiss Lusher, a dual-master's candidate in business administration and public policy, has been recognized by the[...]