Personalized career services

Ford School degrees prepare students for impact. Career Services helps them find their way.

Meeting students where they are

The Ford School places a high priority on the career development of students. Students have access to a seasoned team of strategic career counselors, a deeply committed alumni base, and faculty with real-world policy connections to help them achieve their career objectives. The Ford School difference is in the emphasis placed on providing professional, personalized, and supportive career services to all students.

Whether students want to enhance their leadership skills, further their education, find their dream job, or ace their internship interview, the Ford School's career services are well-positioned to help students achieve their career goals. Learn more about the services we provide to undergraduate and graduate students.

Ford School career services are focused on four central priorities: 

  1. Share information about the variety of career choices available with a policy degree. We do this through career panels and programs, print and web resources, and individual career counseling. We encourage students to arrange informational interviews to explore the many ways in which you can apply your policy degree across sectors.
  2. Connect students and policy employers. This includes active employer outreach to enhance the visibility of the Ford School in all sectors, job posting and resume collection services, access to the Ford School alumni network, on-campus recruiting opportunities, and networking events.
  3. Assist students in creating an individual strategy for their career goals. We help students develop the skills and tools necessary for writing effective resumes and cover letters, mapping out career paths, evaluating career opportunities, and negotiating offers.
  4. Provide support for students through the inevitable highs, lows, and plateaus that accompany career planning and the job search process. 
Francisco Gonzalez

"Colombia is such a complex and dynamic country that has been an unbelievable experience."

Francisco Gonzalez (MPP '20) interned at the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia for the U.S. State Department to advance U.S. interests in Colombia, ensuring the implementation of the historic 2016 peace accord.

Our students go places! Learn more about additional opportunities at the Ford School that further careers:

Riecker Fellowship

MPPs spend a semester working on the Hill.
Riecker Fellowship

Bohnett Leadership and Public Service Fellowship

Tuition and a funded internship in the Detroit Mayor's Office for MPP students
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Foreign policy engagement and diplomacy training

The Weiser Diplomacy Center offers undergraduate and graduate student internships, fellowships, and grants for student-led projects.
The Weiser Diplomacy Center

Student organizations

Ford School student organizations are an integral part of the community and collaborate on career and alumni programming.
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