PubPol 710.001

PubPol 710.001: Acting on Climate Change

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Winter 2021
Winter 2021
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The Law School's Problem Solving Initiative classes are open to all U-M graduate and professional students.

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Instructors: Kyle Logue (Law), Maria Lemos (SEAS)

Human-caused climate change is not only happening now, but it is projected to accelerate at an unprecedented pace. And while society should still pursue aggressive mitigation efforts, such as reducing carbon emissions, the process of adaptation is already underway.

This class will address legal and practical issues that governments and private entities face as they attempt to adapt to climate change in ways that are informed by the most current scientific research. Multi-disciplinary student teams will learn the science and law of climate change, and they will apply problem solving tools, research findings, and approaches contributed by different fields to propose solutions to climate change challenges.