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Out now: Our spring 2022 issue on science, technology, and policy.
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State & Hill, the print magazine of the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, is a bi-annual publication featuring stories about the school's students, alumni, and faculty. Feature articles vary in each issue, and generally highlight noteworthy alumni, faculty research and engagement, student activities, and school news.

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Our latest issue

Spring 2022: Science, technology, and policy

In this issue, we share stories in science and technology—measuring equity in innovation, science and tech research in brief, climate policymaking in Glasgow, and more.
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Past editions of State & Hill 

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Spring 2022 cover

Spring 2022: Science, technology, and policy

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Fall 2021: Partnering and engaging community

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Spring 2021: Governing, listening, and trust

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Winter 2019: Leadership rooted in service

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Fall 2017: Society's servant, society's critic

Spring 2017 cover

Spring 2017: Collaboration

Fall 2016 cover

Fall 2016: Innovation for the public good

Spring 2016 cover

Spring 2016: Rising inequality

Fall 2015 cover

Fall 2015: Motor City Remix - An iconic American city races forward 

Spring 2015 cover

Spring 2015: Policy, Energy, and the Environment

Fall 2014 cover

Fall 2014: Policy's Power - Next century teaching, research, and action

Spring 2014 cover

Spring 2014: A Century of Impact - 100 Years of Policy at Michigan

Fall 2013 cover

Fall 2013: Catalysts for Change

Spring 2013 cover

Spring 2013: Urban Policy

Fall 2012 cover

Fall 2012: Human and Global Security

Spring 2012 cover

Spring 2012: American Electoral Politics

Winter 2012 cover

Winter 2012: Policy and Education

Spring 2011 cover

Spring 2011: All in the Same Boat?

Fall 2010 cover

Fall 2010: Roads to Better Health Policy

Spring 2010 cover

Spring 2010: Sustainability

Fall 2009 cover

Fall 2009: The Ford School at 95