From A.I. to zero emissions

Ford School faculty host and are featured in a variety of podcasts, covering policy topics from artificial intelligence, everyday economics, national security, and more.

My job has always been to demonstrate to people how important patents are, to make patents sexy, because they’re so consequential and yet they seem so technical, the fact that it gets characterized as a technical space actually makes it really even more important because so many important politics and social decisions happen there and yet we don’t look there because we think it’s objective and technical.

Professor Shobita Parthasarathy, appearing on America Dissected, a podcast created by Dr. Abdul El-Sayed 

Podcasts hosted by Ford School faculty

Think Like An Economist

Hosts Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers uncover the economic forces that shape the world around you.
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The Received Wisdom

Shobita Parthasarathy and Jack Stilgoe on science and technology in public policy.
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The Burn Bag

Pressing issues in foreign policy and national security, hosted by Javed Ali.
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Resources Radio

Climate change, energy, ecosystems, and more, hosted by Daniel Raimi.
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America Dissected

Host Abdul El-Sayed cuts into the science, culture, and policy that shapes our health.
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Raiders of the Lost Archive

True tales of discovery in the social sciences, brought to you by Christian Davenport and Jesse Driscoll.
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Ford School faculty featured in podcasts

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