Undergraduate minor in public policy

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Our newly-launched minor in public policy is a competitive-admissions program designed to make the critical thinking and analytical skills taught at the Ford School available to more Michigan undergraduates.

Students enrolled in the minor will learn to design and analyze public policies using a range of social science perspectives; think critically, and write and communicate clearly about policy issues; engage on social issues with people from diverse backgrounds and design policy solutions from diverse perspectives; and productively participate in debates about social problems and potential policy solutions.

The minor has also been designed to add diversity of interests, training, and backgrounds to the Ford School community and classes.

Who should apply?

The ideal student for the Ford School minor will be committed to some other important discipline—engineering, sociology, business, or organizational studies, for example—and seeking to layer their education with perspectives from the lens of public policy.

Students in LSA, the College of Engineering, the Ross School of Business, the School of Information, and the School of Public Health are eligible to apply to the minor.

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Curriculum requirements

The BA minor in public policy will consist of 16 credits:

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