Stevenson and Wolfers address September CPI report for Brookings

October 17, 2022 Brookings

Betsey Stevenson, Brookings: "If we can get demand down, we will indeed see that passed through to lower prices, which means the Fed just has to do more. Across the board on average the price of services is rocketing up. And that’s where the Fed is going to have to keep pushing its foot on the break in order to get demand for services down, or Congress is going to have to give us immigration policies to flood the market with workers so that we can keep down wage pressure."

Justin Wolfers, Brookings: "I think close to 100% of economists around the world who look at this report would be disappointed. We had the same conversation a month ago, and one month’s bad news could be a blip, but two is starting to feel like a pattern."