PubPol 710.003

PubPol 710.003: Clemency and Decarceration for Battered Women Survivors

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Fall 2021
Fall 2021
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Despite the fact that the rate of incarceration for women, especially for women of color, has grown at more than double the rate of incarceration for men in the past three decades, there remains a gap in attention paid to issues of gender bias in the criminal-legal system. Further, Michigan does a poor job with cases involving victims’ crimes committed against an abuser or under duress.

Using problem solving tools, multi-disciplinary teams will explore why survivors are overlooked by our criminal-legal system, drawing on insights from social work, gender studies, humanities, sciences, policy, and law to develop innovative ways to challenge criminalization of survivors of violence.

Instructors: Melissa Salinas (Law), Megan Richardson (Law), Carol Jacobsen (STAMPS)

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