PubPol 582.002

PubPol 582.002: Leading Organizations

Fall 2022
Monday, Wednesday
4:00-5:20 pm EDT
Course Location
1230 Weill Hall
Course Section
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Credit Hours

This course will introduce you to the fundamental leadership concepts and skills you need to successfully navigate and shape dynamic policy environments. You will have opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and build your ability to effectively lead teams. You will learn how to set a tone, a focus, and a direction for an organization, its members, and other stakeholders. You will practice leadership behaviors that will help you better connect across differences and enact change in complex, multi-layered contexts. Designed to provide you with opportunities for reflection, study, debate, and practice, this course will enhance your ability to make a positive and meaningful difference.

**This course satisfies the MPP requirement of PubPol 586 & 587.**

*Non-Ford students can register for Ford elective courses beginning Monday, June 13.