PubPol 750.011

PubPol 750.011: Topics: Narrative Advocacy and Policy Change

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Fall 2022
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Meets: 10/24/22 - 12/09/22 (Drop/Add Deadline: 11/07/22)

No single person can change the world alone—but people working together in movements can and do, every single day. From marriage equality to climate action, movements are built on communicating an idea in the form of a potent, scalable narrative.

This course will explore the unique power of narrative—how to find and build one, how to deploy that narrative within a broader strategic campaign to change hearts, minds, and public policy; and how a narrative can be leveraged in writing, speech, film, and telecast media.

Each session will begin with an interactive lecture, usually from the instructor (along with several guest speakers), and conclude with a small group exercise, where we explore concepts in more depth, as well as practice practical skills.

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