PubPol 586

PubPol 586.002: Public Management: International Development Management

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Fall 2023
Fall 2023
Tuesday, Thursday
2:30-3:50 pm EDT
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1210 Weill Hall
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This course focuses on how international development interventions are managed by a variety of development actors. We will discuss management approaches at multiple levels, from high-level decisions to pursue development work; to the modalities for delivering assistance; to project-level design, implementation and evaluation; to on-the-ground field management. Particular attention will be given to ethical and equity implications surrounding development decision-making and implementation. 

Key topics will include the role of international development in foreign policy; development organizations and actors; development implementation modalities and mechanisms; participatory development; the legacy of colonialism and global structural inequities; ethical, power, and equity dimensions of international development interventions; the outsourcing of foreign aid, and opportunities and constraints inherent in donor-funded work; engaging with local communities and pre-existing systems; the development project lifecycle and the development project management toolkit; and managing projects in an environment of uncertainty and complexity.

Students will apply key content to real-world cases, work in teams to develop a development project proposal, and engage in a series of reflective writing assignments throughout the semester.