PubPol 750

PubPol 750.003: Topics: Immigration and the Reshaping of European/American Politics

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Fall 2023
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In this course, students will acquire the conceptual tools and knowledge necessary to understand the reciprocal relationship between domestic politics and migration flows. Topics covered include: (1) The effects of political institutions and policy regimes on reducing the barriers to immigrants' economic and political incorporation, (2) The relationship between migration flows and stocks on the one hand, and the native population’s political behavior on the other, (3) The relationship between ethnic diversity and social solidarity and what this means for the future of the welfare state. The class will cover material from both the United States and Western Europe. If you want to understand the political factors shaping immigration policies, or what kind of policies can mitigate or enhance anti-immigrant sentiment among the native population, this course is for you. For a teaser of the Fall 2023 syllabus, please see: