PUBPOL 475: Topics: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Policy Formation

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Winter 2017
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Taught by Towsley Policymaker in Residence Hardy Vieux (Legal Director at Human Rights First)

This class will explore the role of non-governmental organizations in formulating policy.  Globally, there are currently some 3.7 million NGOs in operation.  Given this proliferation and the ostensible influence of NGOs, this class will delve into what makes an NGO unique from other institutions engaged in policy formulation and how that role impacts the policy-making process.  We will explore the core activities of NGOs through the lens of current policy debates, such as the global refugee crisis and the war on terror.  The class seeks to make students aware of the myriad questions and nuances that beset NGOs and the array of strategies and tools available to NGOs to impact policy.