PUBPOL 474.001

PUBPOL 474.001: Values & Ethics: Science Policy

Winter 2020
Monday, Wednesday
2:30-3:50 pm EDT
Course Location
1220 WEILL
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Science and technology intersect with many areas of public policy. Think of concerns about government surveillance and data privacy, the debates over climate change mitigation policies, the economic and social challenges posed automation, and religious and ethical concerns about the implications of human gene editing. This course examines competing approaches to bringing science and technology to bear on the public good. It will familiarize you both with the central role that science and technology play in contemporary policy while acquainting you with a set a concepts and approaches for reasoning and writing about the normative challenges that operate in public policy. Topics may include:  automation and the future of work, AI and national security, climate change mitigation policies, human gene editing, health care access, and water security. No background in science or technology is necessary.