PUBPOL 475.003

PUBPOL 475.003: Topics: Moving Power and Money: The Politics of the 2020 Census

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Winter 2020
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Course meets in 1230 Weill Hall on March 10, 12, 17,19, 24. 

Census Lab meets in 3117 Weill Hall on March 12 and March 19 only.

The United States has had the longest continuing history of census taking in the world. It is in our Constitution with the express purpose of redistributing power across the states every decade.  It is also used to geographically distribute funds. The census is inherently political because of the redistribution of power and not surprisingly there have been controversies over time including who and where people should be counted, differential undercount of the population, confidentiality of responses, and what census methodology is appropriate for the Census Bureau to employ.