PubPol 577

PubPol 577: R for Public Policy

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Winter 2021
Winter 2021
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This course is an introduction to programming in the R statistical language. R is a flexible, open-source statistics platform which has gained broad adoption in a variety of fields. Through interacting with R, RStudio, and elements of the Tidyverse (a collection of R packages for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization), students will learn the fundamentals of working in R. By completing this class, students should have the baseline skills necessary to continue their self-study in R on topics suited to their own interests.

This course covers fundamentals of programming in R, object types and structure, import and use of packages for expanding R's capabilities, data management, and basic analysis. The course is graded credit/no credit (pass/fail), with weekly review tasks in R. Students are not expected to have prior experience in R or other programming, but familiarity with basic concepts in statistics is recommended.

Course meets 03/08/2021 - 04/20/2021

1.5 credits

Combined w/ PubPol 477

*This course will be taught remotely*