PubPol 710.002

PubPol 710.002: Ending the Targeted Surveillance of the Black Community in Detroit

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Winter 2021
Winter 2021
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Instructors: Bonsitu Kitaba (Law), Rei Fielder (Social Work)

Law enforcement across Michigan now uses high-tech surveillance technology to track, identify, and arrest Black activists and other individuals. Digital surveillance tools are heavily relied on by police during investigations despite evidence that the technology is flawed and disparately impacts people of color. Surveillance of the Black community is not new; however, technology used today and the way it is implemented poses an even greater danger to privacy rights and further contributes to mass incarceration of Black people.

Student teams will explore how police target Black Lives Matter protestors and how Detroit police use surveillance technology to monitor the Black community. Students will learn and apply problem solving skills, meet key stakeholders, and apply insights from different disciplines to develop solutions to reduce targeted surveillance of Black Detroiters.