PubPol 587.001

PubPol 587.001: Public Management: Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits

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Winter 2022
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Social change cannot occur without an infusion of financial resources particularly as the public service sector does not have the financial capital to invest in solving every pressing social issue. Fundraising promotes a culture of possibility --- its the intersection of personal passions and organizational needs. Increasing your knowledge of industry best practices and gaining fundraising skills are critical to your success in social impact work. This mini-course serves as an opportunity to engage theory in practice (praxis) through the study of fundraising for nonprofit organizations in the United States. We will learn about fundraising history, principles, best practices, and shortfalls through guest lectures from industry leaders, readings, self-reflection, group dialogue, and an applied learning project. Past year's applied learning project involved Food Gatherers, a local nonprofit in Ann Arbor.

This course meets in the first half of the semester (January 5 - February 22).