PubPol 587.004

PubPol 587.004: Public Management: Managing Policy and Project Implementation

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Winter 2022
Tuesday, Thursday
2:30-3:50 pm EST
Course Location
1210 Weill Hall
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Once a policy is passed or a project selected, the hard work of implementation begins. This course will introduce students to the key management and leadership concepts and skills that surround implementation of policies and projects with public funding. The course will adopt an international focus in readings and casework.

This course includes three modules: First, students will explore management approaches for policy and project implementation, including new approaches to public management such as contracting, collaborative governance, public participation and street level bureaucracy. Second, students will build leadership skills for managing teams and managing people. The third module will introduce students to key tools for managing change within organizations. The course will include a series of workshop-style sessions where students will work in teams to apply class material to real-world international cases, and present their results to the class. Teams will then submit workshop write-ups. Students will also complete one individual memo and two short individual reflection papers. 

This course meets in the second half of the semester (March 7 - April 19).