PubPol 413

PubPol 413: Professional & Leadership Development: Pathways to Professional Success

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Winter 2023
Winter 2023
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The goal of this course is to enhance the students' ability to bring about the individual and organizational changes they want to see. This course begins by addressing (1) what effective managers really do and (2) why some high-potential managers succeed while others fail. As effective managers know, the ability to develop and manage relationships with others is critical to a manager's success. This course is based on three foundations: The first focuses on developing self-awareness. After all, managing relationships depends first and foremost on knowledge of individual personal strengths and weaknesses and the impact of these strengths and weaknesses on others. The second foundation focuses on developing an understanding of others. The third foundation focuses on managing specific types of relationships on the job-those with subordinates, peers, and bosses.


This class meets in the first half of the semester (January 4 – February 21)  
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