PubPol 456/756

PubPol 456/756: Local Government Opportunity for Activism

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Winter 2023
Winter 2023
Monday, Wednesday
11:30 am-12:50 pm EDT
Course Location
1210 Weill Hall
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Taught by John Hieftje, former Mayor of Ann Arbor. 

Cities are leading the fight against climate change.  Around the world they are experiencing the devastating effects as hurricanes intensify, sea levels rise, heat islands multiply and storm water systems are overwhelmed, along with city budgets. And yet, people are flocking to cities to experience their booming economies, plentiful jobs and exciting cultural communities. But for every successful city, there is a downside as gentrification spreads and all but the wealthy are forced to move further out as housing prices rise. The need for better transportation into and within cities has never been greater. Our federal government offers no help. In response a new generation of activists are pushing elected leaders to respond. This class will hear directly from activists, state and local elected leaders and top professionals in their field.