PubPol 475

PubPol 475.011 Topics: Climate Change

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Winter 2024
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In the past century—the blink of an eye in ecological time—a small portion of humans concentrated in wealthier and more industrialized countries began to radically transform the ecology of our planet at an unprecedented scale. Experts increasingly see the slow policy response to climate science as having less to do with climate science and more to do with politics.

A core objective of this class is understanding different forms of politics—different ways of having and resolving debates about who our community is and what we will do together about the challenges we face—and their implications for policy. The readings mostly draw on political science, political theory, and law. We will also read op-eds and reports from advocates and journalists covering policy debates.

This is a writing-intensive course that focuses on persuasive writing for a public audience and constructive criticism. The aim is to help you develop your own critique of various policy debates over what to do about our new relationship with our biosphere and communicate your ideas clearly.