PUBPOL 655: Energy in World Politics

Fall 2007
2:03-2:03 am EDT
Credit Hours

Pubpol 655: Energy in World Politics Instructor: Dan Plafcan, M/W 1:00-2:30, 1210 Weill Hall This seminar course explores the development, use, and governance of energy systems throughout the world, focusing on questions of international politics and foreign policymaking in particular. What has shaped the development of national and transnational energy systems? How have energy systems reflected and transformed the power of states and the foreign policymaking of national governments? In a world of multinational firms and global markets, what have "sustainable energy" and "energy security" meant for national governments, communities, and citizens in Africa, East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South Asia? This course draws upon policy-oriented literature from the social sciences, humanities, and engineering as well as from analyses of governmental and non-governmental organizations to forge an interdisciplinary understanding of energy in world politics. While the course is a seminar intended for graduate students, prior specialized knowledge of energy economics, international affairs, or the science & technology of energy systems is not assumed.