PUBPOL 475.004: Topics: Quantitative Methods of Program Evaluation

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Fall 2015
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This course introduces students to the use and interpretation of multiple regression analysis and program evaluation. The goals of the class are to: 1) Train students to critically consume empirical research. We will teach you to read and understand technical, empirical studies and to judge whether they constitute a firm, evidentiary basis for policy. 2) Train students to thoughtfully produce their own empirical research. We will develop a core set of analytical tools that will allow you to conduct empirical research in a professional setting. While this course is fundamentally about teaching methods of quantitative analysis, it differs from other similar courses in that it makes a particular effort to embed the learning in real data and actual policy problems. Topics covered include education, health care, national security and international development. The course requires introductory statistics (hypothesis testing, t-statistics, confidence intervals) at the level of STATS 250, PUBPOL 529, EDUC 793 or the equivalent.