PUBPOL 495.002: Policy Seminar: International Development- Metrics & Analysis

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Fall 2018
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PUBPOL 495 is open to students in the Public Policy BA program, by permission only.

Why are some countries much more ‘developed’ than others? Which policies are most likely to be effective in fostering development? In this seminar, we will begin (and end) by asking what development means in the international context, and examining ways to measure it. Then we will examine a number of economic as well as social dimensions of development, often using frameworks from macroeconomics. Topics will include economic growth, income and gender equity, improving health and education, demographic change, governance, and the role of metrics in influencing policy. Throughout, there will be a heavy emphasis on understanding and using data to study issues and country experiences. Students will select a specific country to focus on during the semester, however examples will be drawn from around the world. There will be a series of short writing assignments, to include reading-analyses and short topical papers, culminating in a final paper on each student’s selected country. Students will also have the opportunity to practice their oral presentation skills.